Airplane Chefs
Airplane Chefs
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Version: 9.2.3
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Download Airplane Chefs APK and cook for multiple passengers aboard your special airline. Discover new dishes and travel around the world cooking serving luxurious dishes.

Name Airplane Chefs
Version 9.2.3
Updated Jun 21, 2024
Category Arcade
Developer Nordcurrent
Google Play Link com.nordcurrent.flyingfever

Airplane Chefs

If you've ever been on a plane, you'll know that eating is completely necessary during flights, especially if it's going to be a multiple-hour flight. That's when the air hostesses come in to serve the passengers food.

In the Airplane Chefs game, your work is to serve the passengers their food on time. There are various food options in the game, and you need to prepare their meal and serve it to customers before time runs out.

Airplane Chefs has become very popular among fans of cooking games because of its easy addictiveness. While the game seems simple, it's easy to get addicted and find yourself playing it multiple hours at a time.

airplane chefs

Your character in the game is a flight attendant tasked with serving food. You will cook, bake, grill, and serve drinks to your passengers. As the plane moves to a new location, you'll have a different set of customers to please. Your pay depends on how happy you make your customers, and the levels advance in difficulty as you pass the.

Download Airplane Chefs today and get Airplane Chefs unlimited coins and gems to upgrade your cooking appliances.

Game Description

Airplane Chefs - cooking game is a new arcade game developed by Nordcurrent in November 2021.

The game puts you in the shoes of a flight attendant and lets you experience what it's like to serve passengers in an airplane.

The game is the perfect combination of time management and delicious cooking recipes.

You have to organize your time and serve meals properly. If you miss a single ingredient, the customer won't be able to eat it. And if your food spends too long on the fire, it could burn, and gaming points will be lost.

The passengers are your customers, so you must always pay close attention to them. They will raise their hands, and once you click on them, they'll place their order. You then have under a minute to prepare their food and deliver it to them. The more time you take to make the food, the angrier the customer becomes. Angry customers don't pay well and cost you points.

airplane chefs apk

Because of this, time management is very crucial in Airplane Chefs. Each customer has a special order for you to follow, so you have to multitask and prepare their meals simultaneously.

This might seem overwhelming initially, but upgrades make it easier for you. Kitchen upgrades reduce cooking time and increase your number of appliances so you can cook multiple foods at once. Just ensure you keep an eye on everything you're preparing.

Download Airplane Chefs unlimited money and gems for a premium virtual cooking experience. Level up your game and serve quality food to customers across the world. Travel from New York to London to Singapore, and become the best airplane chef.

Features of Airplane Chefs

  • There are hundreds of levels for you to enjoy. Each level has its own unique set of food and passengers. Levels increase in difficulty as you advance in the game.
airplane chefs unlimited gems
  • Good time management is key to your success. You have to serve customers in time, or else they'll pay you less or get angry and leave.
  • You can upgrade your food and ingredients as much as you want. More upgrades means a faster cooking time and happier customers.
  • As an airline chef, you get to travel to multiple countries across the world and cook for people of various nationalities.
  • You can prepare lots of tasty cuisine like burgers, salads, sandwiches, steaks, and many other amazing meals! You can also serve drinks and beverages to the passengers.
  • Airplane Chefs features very addictive gameplay that you'll love.
  • It's completely free to download. Players don't have to pay for any premium feature. Any resources are bought from the game store with in-game money and not real money. Updates are also free of charge. Enjoy the Airplane Chefs update without paying a dime.
  • Play as an air hostess and serve food to passengers on your plane.
  • Compete against other players in the multiplayer modes
  • Fill your kitchen with a variety of kitchen appliances and tools.
airplane chefs unlimited coins and gems

All these features and more make Airplane Chefs the best cooking game available. Get the Airplane Chefs game download today to access all these amazing features on your device.

Airplane Chefs Gameplay

The game has a variety of foodstuff for you to cook with and lots of drinks to serve the passengers. This includes coffee, steaks, hamburgers, water, smoothies, etc.

Different menu items give you varying amounts of bonuses. Delivering on time will also help you get lots of money from the passengers.

Each new level is a different country, and the customers' demands get tougher at each level. It would help if you upgraded your equipment to attend to the passengers properly. Use the money you earn from cooking to buy upgrades and decorations. Customize your kitchen to look as attractive as possible.

Upgrade your equipment to increase efficiency while serving. You can also add background music to keep yourself entertained.

airplane chefs game

The game is 3d animated, and the graphics are well done. The flight passengers, other flight attendants, and your character all have a cartoonish 3d design that is nice to look at.


Airplane Chefs is a fun cooking game where you serve passengers onboard a plane as a flight attendant.

This game takes you across the world and towards the world's biggest cities. Learn new recipes and cook delicious meals for your passengers in each location. Serve up quality comfort food to customers and improve your cooking skills with each level.

Have fun with the gameplay and learn about famous foods from each country. Transform your kitchen into a beautiful room with quality ingredients by buying upgrades and decorations from the game store.

Overall, Airplane Chefs is a great game that lets us enjoy the fun of cooking for people of different cultures. The game is exciting, interesting, and fun to play.

Download Airplane Chefs unlimited gems and enjoy playing their entertaining cooking game.

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Download Airplane Chefs APK and cook for multiple passengers aboard your special airline. Discover new dishes and travel around the world cooking serving luxurious dishes.


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