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Download Xplayer APK, a video player app that supports all video formats and sizes. This app allows you the freedom to play videos of any format on your android device.

Name XPlayer
Updated May 3, 2024
Developer InShot Inc.
Google Play Link video.player.videoplayer


Xplayer is an all-format proficient video playback app. This video-playing app allows you to access all forms of videos on your android device. Inshot Inc developed this app.

Xplayer premium can adapt to all videos without size and format restrictions. With this app, you can comfortably watch all forms of video on your mobile device. You can play videos in MKV, MP4, M4V, RMVB, AVI, MOV, 3GP, and many other formats. This app can play any form of video, no matter how updated the video format or the equipment used to shoot the video is.

xplayer apk

This app accesses and opens all forms of videos in a matter of seconds. The Xplayer full version has a security feature that allows you to restrict access to specific videos. No other person would be able to access these videos while using your device. You will need to grant permission yourself. This video player all format app offers a comprehensive video tool that allows you to access every video on your android device. 

Description of Xplayer

Xplayer is a unique application that allows you to access videos on your device. This tool is specifically for android phones. The Xplayer pro is compatible with so many different video file formats. This app is versatile and includes files with 4K image quality.

The Xplayer 2022 has many functions and features that make your video playing life more enjoyable and improves your whole android experience. This app has a privacy feature that helps you protect your private videos and lock them, so they don't get tampered with and deleted by others.

xplayer pro apk

The Xplayer pro is an excellent alternative to other video-playing apps because of its unique features. This app supports the playing of ultra HD videos. It has the hardware acceleration feature, and it is compatible with Chromecast. This app assists with downloading subtitles and allows you to play videos as a popup, in the background, or on a split screen.

With this app, you can easily manage your videos. This app has a simple user interface and controls that you can easily understand and use. This app can easily access all files on the device or SD card.  You can put this app in nighttime mode. There is a playback control and quick mute effect.

Features of Xplayer

This app comes with some fantastic features you would enjoy exploring.

xplayer apk download


The Xplayer pro-2022 is a tool that can access videos in all formats possible. It is equipped with the universal format feature. This app supports MKV, MOV, M4V, AVI, MOV, 3GP, FLV, WMV, RMVB, MP4, and many other file formats.  The versatility of this app makes it super efficient. This video playback app has excellent support and quality level.

You can also access your music files using Xplayer pro. This app allows you to view your videos as a popup, split screen, or play the video in the background. This feature helps you multitask better and save time. Xplayer supports streaming on larger screen platforms like Chromecast.

xplayer pro apk download

User Interface

This app has a fantastic user interface. Coupled with that, you get to watch your favorite videos in the best quality. You can manage your videos at a high quality and play videos in 4K format. The application has a lot of unique controls and a simple, user-friendly interface. You can open different video files in any form. It is easy to rename and delete files. This app is easy to operate. You can easily control playing progress, volume and brightness. It also has a multi-playback option feature that makes it exciting to use.


Xplayer's latest version helps you keep your videos secured on your device. You can keep your media private by locking some or all of your videos. You can create a security pass access for some of the media files that you don’t want people going through. Video password protection is a feature that most users enjoy.

xplayer pro apk 2022

Advanced features

With every upgrade, Xplayer has a new exciting feature. The Xplayer pro-2022 saves your movie progress so that you don't have to start movies from the beginning. The app also has some new control feature that makes watching movies more enjoyable. Add subtitles to your videos using Xplayer premium. You can use this app to search for subtitles or open one you had on your phone already.


With an Xplayer download, you can access all types of video files on your android. You can play videos and music with a great support feature in control and an equally fantastic user experience. This app can access most media files and explore various formats, helping you enjoy your videos effectively. Xplayer's latest version comes with many more updated features; it enables you to search subtitles and supports its usage. You can also easily protect your private videos from being deleted and seen by others.

Xplayer premium's latest version is an excellent video app that prioritizes the privacy and quality of your media.

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Download Xplayer APK, a video player app that supports all video formats and sizes. This app allows you the freedom to play videos of any format on your android device.


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