WhatsApp Aero
WhatsApp Aero
Size: 73 MB
Version: v9.45
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Download WhatsApp Aero 9.45 APK for the best texting experience with customizations out of this world. With various languages available, WhatsApp AERO has you covered.

Name WhatsApp Aero
Version v9.45
Updated Oct 19, 2022
Category Communication
Developer WhatsApp Aero, INC
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About WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp is a general name for the texting-based app, but WhatsApp AERO is the child of WhatsApp with amazing customizations that cannot be denied. This mobile app is a version of the messaging app that allows users a wide range of customization. Also, WhatsApp Aero is very flexible and can be easily customized to fit every user's aesthetic taste. As a result, there are interesting features that the WhatsApp Aero app allows its users to enjoy, all with a click to download.

It's a fully functional texting and messaging app with amazing features that keep users wanting more and make their texting experience fun-filled. Also, WhatsApp Aero is an unofficial version of the app but with amazing customization. Therefore, users must be patient with the main app for similar impressive updates that WhatsApp Aero has. The development team of this app are constantly working on updates and tools that make chatting or texting a surreal experience for users.

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Furthermore, there are so many updates and tools that even users are unaware of. Some examples include featured messages and shortcuts. In addition, the WhatsApp Aero developers have enhanced some features. These features include disappearing messages and mobile payment tools. All these features, tools, and updates have always been enhanced to ensure users' ultimate experience at all times.

When you download WhatsApp Aero, you'll get access to all the features, updates, and tools this app offers. All the WhatsApp Aero app features are great and provide users with great engagement and functions; they cannot find anywhere else. With WhatsApp Aero , texting has become more than just talking and catching up alone; it has become a place to communicate your real self through your personified customization. 

WhatsApp Aero is the brainchild of WhatsApp, a leading company in the social media industry. It's available for download on Android and IOS devices and supports various languages. The content is suitable for anyone willing to use the app. There are over 100 thousand downloads on Playstore with a 4.4 rating from thousands of users.

Why Use WhatsApp Aero?

  • Allows users to change the interface
whatsapp aero apk download
  • Optimized security
  • You can monitor who has gone through your profile
  • Allows you to customize fonts of each chat individually
  • People who have sent you a message cannot delete
  • You can hide your online status at anytime
  • The WhatsApp AERO allows you to create and add new emojis


WhatsApp Aero has been reputed as one of the best social media and chatting-based apps over the years, and this is a quality that's once again seen in's mobile app. With WhatsApp AERO, you do not have to waste your time searching fot the best; the best is provided to you on one platform. Checked out some of the features below:

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Perfect UI Design

WhatsApp AERO has a meticulously thought-out design interface that provides users with a fun and improved experience. Unlike most social media chatting-based platforms, WhatsApp AERO's interface is easy to understand and provides an enjoyable experience that allows users to customize their experience to their taste. Therefore, WhatsApp AERO's UI is not just perfect but also very easy for users to understand and comprehend, with various features and themes that make it stand out.

Great Support

The AEROs team offer great and impeccable support to their users. From themes to messaging style to general support and assistance, WhatsApp AERO has its users covered. Also, there are official channels where users are provided support and updates are uploaded. The AER's team are very efficient and delivers exceeding results to their users. It is im[oartant to note that to request a theme on the app. You would have to use Spanish. 

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Fully Secured

The WhatsApp AERO is fully secured, with users' information not being stored. Also, this full security is made possible through WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption that securely protects users' information. Therefore, WhatsApp AERO is secure to use because of its safe encrypted feature that protects users' information and app history.

How Does WhatsApp Aero Work?

Create A Profile

You can choose the profile that you want and reflect that in your profile. WhatsApp helps you decide on what you want and helps you to bring it to reality fully. Therefore, whatever your dream or imagined profile is, WhatsApp will help you bring it to reality.

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Download It For Free

The WhatsApp AERO app is available for free download. Users can download the WhatsApp AERO app for free and enjoy its functions and functionalities with no cost attached.

App Enjoyment

With WhatsApp AERO, users have a full app experience, and the AERO team are always available to help with anything that users may need. However, asides from help, users also have the chance to download the app's uninterrupted and limitless themes.

Regular Updates

WhatsApp AERO undergoes regular updates, with the latest update being in May 2022. In addition, the WhatsApp AERO app is regularly updated with new themes, fonts, editing features, and all the nice things that make texting a whole experience.

whatsapp aero apk latest version

Privacy Protection

You can keep intruders and any third party away from your private life with WhatsApp AERO. It's ideal for securing your photos and apps using an encrypted pin that only you have full access to. So even if anyone can unlock your phone, they won't be able to access the app and private information like text, pictures, and chats. Also, hide your online status from people.


Are you looking to upgrade to your texting style? WhatsApp Aero has all there is to personal

customization to texting. Whatsapp Aero is perhaps one of the most functional texting platforms, with full protection to keep your personal information safe and always protected from online and offline threats.

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Download WhatsApp Aero 9.45 APK for the best texting experience with customizations out of this world. With various languages available, WhatsApp AERO has you covered.


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