Townsmen Premium
Townsmen Premium
Size: 97,0 MB
Version: 1.14.8
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Download Townsmen Premium APK and engage yourself in your city while you build a world of your own with the help of fellow townsmen. You can become a member of your very own little village.

Name Townsmen Premium
Version 1.14.8
Updated Mar 15, 2024
Category Simulation
Developer HandyGames
Google Play Link com.hg.townsmen7

About Townsmen Premium

Townsmen Premium is the latest building game with a sprinkle of action, that provides its players with multiple chances to personalize the Townsmen premium gameplay to fit their dream town, From the in-game tools to the ones, you can craft as a player, this game allows you to experience the peaceful lifestyle of a small village. Also, there are comprehensive settings with which you can build your dream town. So download this game and get started.

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HandyGames released the game on the 8th of August, 2012. It is also regularly updated to have new features, tools, and sometimes weapons and expand your town. Although Townsmen Premium is free to play, there are in-app purchases that make the gameplay an amazing one. 

The Townsmen Premium game was designed for IOS and Android devices. Also, here is a chance for players to explore different languages in the various game district, in order to enjoy your game to the fullest way possible. The game's graphics are one of a kind, with a real-life feel to them.

Diverse Gaming Options at Townsmen Premium

Townsmen Premium has a fantastic storyline, that depicts and represents a classic building game. Also, there are different levels for players to engage in that will bring out an enjoyable outlook to the game. Each level has its specific outlook as well.

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Another means of customizing your gameplay is by picking weapon types. Outside weapons, there is originality to the story of the Townsmen Premium game compared to similar games. The Townsmen Premium game has different weapons. However, these weapons are optional when it comes to their usage. Townsmen Premium should be your best choice if you're a fan of 3D building and fighting games.

Build Your Village

Townsmen Premium allows its players to handle various tools for carrying out construction-based tasks. As a result, there are a lot of tools from which players can choose on their mission of constructing their little village.

Since the building tools are very much available for construction, players will have to check the task before picking the tool they would be building with. Additionally, players get special tools and other supplementary equipment at the base level to enhance their construction and fighting skills.

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Carefully examine the available tools and select the one that works for you. Players can also put together these tools and build a compilation, and incorporate the tools with multiple adjustments to make them yours. There are multiple weapons available on Townsmen Premium, available to players that can be used to improve their gameplay ultimately.

Some of these weapons in Townsmen Premium include:

  • Bolster
  • Boning Ross
  • Brick Hammer
  • Chisel
  • Circular Saw
  • Concrete Mixer
  • Digging Bar
  • Crowbar
  • Drilling Machine
  • End Frames
  • Float
  • Gloves
  • Hoes
  • Head Pan
  • Pick Axe
  • Safety Helmet
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Although players might not have access to these tools immediately, you can check out for them more as you advance in play. However, apart from adding multiple upgrades to your character, you can personalize your character look and outfit based on your choice.

Also, players can craft their tools to survive in this construction-based game. As regards a lot of the in-game features, Townsmen Premium shares similarities with other building games, but the tools arsenal of Townsmen Premium is wide and unmatched.

3D Visuals

Another high point of Townsmen Premium is its graphics. The visuals make the gameplay look like an island and make it easy to learn the gameplay. Asides from being a 3D game, the game's design isn't unclear or fuzzy. Players can easily see building signs and the general island as a whole.

There are on-screen controls that can be easily understood by players. These controls include the buttons for fighting, construction, and weapons change. Also, the game effectively passes the survival vibes test.

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In addition, the in-game screen controls make it easy for players to understand the gameplay, especially if you already have an idea of survival games.


The Townsmen Premium game functions perfectly on both IOS and Android devices. Furthermore, the Townsmen Premium can either be played alone or with friends, or in the multiplayer feature.

Other Features

The Townsmen Premium Game has other features that make it unique. From the originality of its storyline to the gameplay, Townsmen Premium is an incredible game. These features include:

  • Diverse scenarios and challenging tasks
  • Optional military features with soldiers and bandits
  • Town-building gameplay set in medieval times
  • Attractive inhabitants with their daily routine
  • Complex economy sims and deep product-making chains
  • Multiple towns and manufacturing buildings
  • Devastating disasters like diseases, fire, doughy, and so on
  • Limitless sandbox gameplay mode
  • Support full tablet mode
townsmen premium apk latest version
  • Support google play services
  • Travels between randomly generated Sandbox worlds
  • Architect your town
  • Meet the colorful inhabitants of the land and recruit them to build your home
  • Random events
  • Building your home with dozens of materials and furnishing
  • Ability to customize the main character and other in-game
  • Ability to adjust the game graphics to different modes
  • Availability of various in-game missions that includes fighting and building
  • Easy to use, but professional controllers
  • Well-built action game plan
  • You get the chance to increase and decrease the game graphics as you please.
  • The game also runs offline, but some sub-missions may require an internet connection.


Townsmen Premium is the perfect 3D construction lifestyle game for people who enjoy construction and want to build, construct, and protect. You can make your dream town on your mobile device, as it has limitless in-game personalization for players to take advantage of. Construction game life enthusiasts will enjoy this gameplay because it mimics famous real-life building events. You can add various parts and features to the game through the customization option for a fun experience. With the amazingly easy controls, anyone can understand and get started while playing Townsmen Premium. So take your construction dream to another level.

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Download Townsmen Premium APK and engage yourself in your city while you build a world of your own with the help of fellow townsmen. You can become a member of your very own little village.


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