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Download Skytube APK and use YouTube comfortably without the need for Google and YouTube accounts and watch, download, and stream videos without restriction. 

Name Skytube
Version 1.0
Updated Aug 17, 2022
Category Social
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Skytube is one of many application to watch either offline or online videos from the YouTube app, The Skytube app is free to download and make use of because of the restriction on ads and with so many interfaces that is easily operated, and there are so many extra features that help you watch your videos easily without the pop-up ads that appear on YouTube, Skytube mainly helps solve the disadvantage of YouTube on a mobile device.

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The Skytube app is a replacement for YouTube download, and with the app, users can watch videos peacefully without any interruption; they can decide on whatever videos they want to watch according to their taste, and you can watch educational videos, fashion videos, cooking videos and every of another video you want to.

In-depth Knowledge About Skytube

The Skytube app is similar to the YouTube international app, which is popularly known for its versatility in every sphere of the entertainment world, from the fashion to the health and music worlds. On the Skytube app, you can watch videos according to your taste and style and watch them all at once without interruption.

As an open-source application, Skytube is a YouTube substitute on our android phones and tablet devices. Skytube is easy to use, and it is used to watch multiple contents at once and still get to enjoy it; this app doesn't involve an advertisement and also gives compensation for the inconvenience user faces on the YouTube international app, But the fact that it makes you learn without interruption, there are still some effects that it doesn't possess that of the YouTube application, it is said not to have the usual function of what YouTube has such as the upload live stream and others.

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Using the Skytube app, This app can help android mobile users download videos to their devices so they can be viewed offline and decide If you want to view your video when your phone partition is down. It also provides some other little functions, but you can't be able to upload your videos on it. The main goal should be downloading and watching the video because that is what it offers.

Skytube app shows you more personalized videos according to ti the subscription you made; It focuses on bringing your subscribed videos which centre on downloading your favourite videos; it gets to you the distinctive videos that are going viral in either your country or abroad and also viewed the most by people famous and celebrities and bring you most viewed videos selected by default and also your clarified clips and short videos from the channels you are following and marked videos.

With this app, you can decide to watch as many videos as you want and download, and there is no restriction to how much you can download at a time and watch celebrity shows and videos; Skytube comes with easy and understandable features.

skytube apk 2022

The Skytube app has the simplest features that you can understand. Below are some of the features.

Skytube features

App simplicity

Skytube features are distinctive yet easy and simple, and This app has the most easy-to-understand design. The app is built so that the user can understand it without a second thought, and The simplicity doesn't only appear on the home page of the application but the detailed pages and the inner part of the app; when you click on a video to watch it while your data connection is on, it will show some exact opens such as the open with which means that you can open it with another video player on your phone or the share options, where you can share the video through other social media networks or copy link, the marked features, the download, the view thumbnail where you can view and download video thumbnail or the block channels.

Screen off features

This feature is a rare feature that can only be found on the SkyTube app, Skytube Screen off part a rare feature where you can barely see other apps having it; Skytube features include playing your music even when your screen is down, and you will be able to hear it; most people want to listen to the music and not watch the videos and the Skytube deliver just that and your music continue playing when the screen goes off. You don't have to worry about keeping your phone on when listening to music.

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Quick Download

YouTube doesn't restrict the download for us on mobile, so you can either download your clips and video for offline watching or watch it online. But, of course, you are not allowed to or perhaps watch a movie offline unless it wouldn't work for that, but you do that on Skytube is easy, quick and smooth without no change in quality; you can be able to pick from the type of quality you want in viewing your clips or short videos, and this depends mainly on your phone or tablets space and the type of connections you have at the period you want to download it.


Skytube is the best option for watching YouTube short videos and clips, Skytube allows you to watch the video without any advertisements popping up, and you can also download videos to watch when resting.

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Download Skytube APK and use YouTube comfortably without the need for Google and YouTube accounts and watch, download, and stream videos without restriction. 


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