SkySafari 6 Pro
SkySafari 6 Pro
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Download Skysafari 6 Pro APK for the best stargazing experience ever. Experience and discover the wonders of the universe beyond you and reach for all the stars with a single app.

Name SkySafari 6 Pro
Updated Sep 12, 2023

About Skysafari 6 Pro

Skysafari 6 Pro is the ultimate stargazing app for all astronomers, whether amateurs or professionals, and even those seeking a wider view of the universe. It was developed and offered by Simulation Communication Corporation and released on the 4th of September, 2018, although older versions of Skysafari have existed since before 2009. This version is available for devices running on operating systems of Android 4.4 and above.

Skysafari 6 Pro has stood out quite ominously among all the other stargazing apps, being the most informative, immersive and realistic option. The app has greatly benefited professionals and explorers worldwide to have an unrestricted view of the astronomical world far beyond our galaxy.

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The features of Skysafari 6 Pro are innumerable. They have been extensively developed to magnify and accurately show everybody in the solar system ever discovered, from every angle and degree, by simply pointing your gadget to the night sky and discovering the constellations above you and even in areas not exactly close to you.

Special Features of Skysafari 6 Pro

  • Easy to Set up and Use. Skysafari 6 Pro is very easy to set up on your device and requires pointing your device towards the night sky to view the constellations. As a result, it is much more portable for journeys and stargazing on trips.
  • Powerful Inbuilt Telescope. One very attractive feature of the Skysafari 6 Pro is the Inbuilt Telescope feature. Explorers with telescopes or binoculars can connect to the app and zoom in on their equipment to view. However, not everyone owns this equipment, so the app's developers made provision for an Inbuilt telescope on the app. Simply connect to the Scope on the app, and then you can zoom in on any star, planet, or feature in the galaxy. The Scope provides excellent magnification on the particular feature. The Telescope feature cannot, however, be used with other features.
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  • 3D Orbital View. With Skysafari 6 Pro, there is a selection tool used for navigation. With the selection tool, you can scroll around to different parts of the sky, tap and open up different objects, and view certain information available on them. This feature also allows for an all-around, 3D view of planets and objects in space and their location.
  • Large Collection Of Stars. On Skysafari, there is a very extensive compilation of stars, far beyond our galaxy and far greater than that is available on any other app. Skysafari 6 Pro shows about 25 million stars on its catalogue, and about 75 million more can be viewed when an in-app purchase is made. With Skysafari 6 Pro, the sky is just the starting point.
  • Accurate Location and Direction For All Planetary Bodies. There are other bodies, of course, other than stars, like the planets, comets, asteroids, moons, meteors, and the likes; basically, everything else that can be seen from the view on your gadget. Other than showing the existence of these objects, the user can also zoom into the view with very high magnitudes provided by the app. View the exact location of these bodies concerning your location or the location of other bodies, measure the distance between them accurately, get proper information and description of the object, and get information on the latitudes, longitudes, altitudes, and formation of these objects using Skysafari 6 Pro, the ultimate astronomical guide.
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The app's database is incredibly huge, running into millions and millions of data. There are over 2.6 million galaxies available for your study and observation, and even more, can be accessed with an in-app purchase. The accuracy of the information, coupled with the speed and directory involved in finding them, is also very laudable.

  • Schedule and Plan Your Trip. A unique feature of the app is the planner tool that lets you schedule your movements around the galaxies. The planner helps you map out a target and adds it to your catalogue, so you can aim to achieve your target while using the app. With the right planning, you can get more work done in lesser time and get the most out of your stargazing experience. During your observation session, you can connect the app to your telescope and use the tilt feature, and you can also connect and set your telescope to view the already programmed data.
  • Back-Up Your Data. While using the app, you can decide to record your fantastic experiences or keep them intact for future reference. Besides that, memories from spectacular sights can be saved to your cloud storage securely, untampered with, and safely. You can also share your experiences with stargazers worldwide using the unique web interface for the Skysafari app. Communicate and get a view of what the sky looks like in other places worldwide. Also, you can freely access all your saved data from the cloud even when logged in to other devices.
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  • Audio Representation and Pronunciation Assistance. Skysafari serves not only to assist astronomers and stargazers but also to serve educational purposes. As you journey across the universe, new words and objects are encountered. Therefore, an audio feature helps to pronounce or read out information concerning a particular object.


Skysafari 6 Pro brings the revolution to all stargazing apps there are. It is no surprise that it currently ranks as the best choice for all astronomical observations from the comfort of a mobile device. The database is unmatched, and the accuracy of its elements is top-notch. The app is indispensable for the ultimate stargazing adventure with exquisite features like the planner, the in-built telescope, orbit mode, measuring options, night mode, and many more.

The Skysafari 6 Pro is the sixth edition from Simulation Communication Corp.; however, you can always look out for better upgrades and extraordinary features that could possibly be added to an already exceptional app.

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Download Skysafari 6 Pro APK for the best stargazing experience ever. Experience and discover the wonders of the universe beyond you and reach for all the stars with a single app.


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