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Moon Reader Pro
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Version: 9.3
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Download and install Moon Reader Pro APK on your Android phone to read books on the go and further enjoy the powerful features and great tools of its pro version.

Name Moon Reader Pro
Version 9.3
Updated Apr 12, 2024
Developer Moon+
Google Play Link com.flyersoft.moonreaderp

Introducing Moon+ Reader Pro

In an era with a boom in information technology, we prefer to plow through books with our mobile phones rather than deal with heavy paper books that are sometimes uncomfortable to move around with. Our phones can serve as a movable bookcase or a portable library where we can store as many as millions of books, allowing us to easily store, manage, and read any book anytime. With electronic books, you do not have to fret about the safety and preservation of your books, the risk of some pages getting torn out of use, or the exposure to book-devouring termites. With just your phone, all your problems can come to an end. However, you have no idea which is the best app you can choose to read books on your device.

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Moon+ Reader Pro is currently the top app for reading books on Android phones today. Moon+ released Moon+ Reader Pro. The app is structured like a Kindle, allowing you to read books and documents easily. Besides, the app offers several features that can assist you in customizing PDF files, creating a more comfortable reading process. Furthermore, intending to provide readers with such an experience of reality as reading a paper book, Moon+ Reader Pro gives you the chance to rotate, bookmark, highlight, and store pages.

Reading Books with Moon+ Reader Pro

  • After launching the app on the home screen, click on Menu.
  • If you intend to read books available in online libraries, all you need to do is to click on Net Library.
moon reader pro apk
  • If you want to read books from your downloaded files on your mobile device, just head to My File or My Shelf.
  • Import the documents or books you want to read into the app to begin reading. The app recognizes all texts, including PDF, Docx, txt, and Epub, in the phone's memory and shows it on the screen for you to see and select. So just pick the book file you intend to read and begin reading.

Extraordinary Features of Moon+ Reader Pro

Read any File in any Text Format

The app supports OPDS, ZIP, RAR, WEBP, MD (MarkDown), HTML, CBR, CBZ, CHM, PREC, FB2, MOBI, AZW3, DJVU, TXT, RTF, ODT, DOCX, UMD, PDF, and EPUB.

Customize and Manage your Books

Several people gain new knowledge by reading books, so they usually need to take notes and highlight important sentences and phrases. Usually, regular reading apps only allow you to zoom in or out. However, Moon+ Reader Pro allows you to highlight, overwrite, write, and customize important lines. There are about 24 customizable actions, including two-finger touch, touch, and swipe, to assist you in reading more comfortably. You can also adjust the line spacing, font size, and indentation.

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Manage Brightness with a Swipe

One edge reading paper book has over reading on mobile is because your eyes get tired more easily. With mobile, you can easily suffer from shortsightedness (myopia) and other diseases related to the eye. To reduce this issue, you need to adjust the screen brightness to be the same level as the outside light. In addition, you can apply night mode to reduce blue light, which will help protect your vision and eyes.

Select from Over 10 Special Themes

Select your favorite theme to allow your reading experience more enjoyable and comfortable.

Supports 40 Languages

Because the intention is to target all users, the app recognizes and supports over 40 languages globally, including Indian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, French, English, etc.

moon reader pro apk download

Audiobook Capability

If you are going on a long journey where you might take a bus or train, you can use the app's audiobook mode. All you need to do is insert your headphones and begin to enjoy some great books read by great speakers with attractive voices.


Moon+ Reader Pro can help translate specialized and foreign words with just a single touch.

Better Designed Book Reader with Powerful Control

With any modern device ranging from old model smartphones, and laptops to PC, a user can install a reading app without assistance. Then by searching for popular ebook files on the internet, a user can use the installed app to access the file. That is exactly what Moon+ Reader Pro does and more. The app is better designed and comes with incredible navigation and control features.

Why Moon+ Reader Pro?

Moon+ Reader provides many more features than the free version can. The following are further internal features of the Pro version of Moon+ Reader:

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  • Wallpaper for books
  • More fonts
  • Tilt your phone to turn the page
  • Custom action options
  • Flip available photo series
  • Synchronize
  • Automatically scroll
  • Create shortcuts on the home screen
  • Support multi-touch
  • Shake the phone to speak
  • Unlimited text-to-speech
  • Optimized on most Android devices
  • Remove ads

Reading has been a great need of people in every era and age. In the past, when technology has not yet dominated almost everything as we have now, reading was considered fun and the best avenue to gather important information. At that time, owning a book was considered highly valuable. But when the era of the internet began to provide everything in a convenient and fast manner, books were rarely used. Because there is endless entertainment on the internet, other technological means also brought their appeal.


For reading books, documents, and files, the Moon+ Reader Pro is the best ebook-reading app currently available for mobile phones. In addition, seasoned book readers have chosen Moon+ Reader Pro as their desired book reader. Therefore, there is no surprise that this app has maintained a spot among the top ebook readers worldwide.

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Download and install Moon Reader Pro APK on your Android phone to read books on the go and further enjoy the powerful features and great tools of its pro version.


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