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ReadEra Premium
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Version: 24.06.07+1980
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Download and install ReadEra Premium APK to be able to read books in all available formats. You can also perform many other functions like bookmarking and highlighting.

Name ReadEra Premium
Version 24.06.07+1980
Updated Jun 8, 2024
Google Play Link org.readera.premium

Description of ReadEra Premium

ReadEra Premium is an app capable of improving your reading habits. There are several sources to reading books online, but to read offline freely is another story to tell. Regarding reading offline books, ReadEra has established itself as a force to reckon with. Few other apps of the same caliber can perform the functions this incredible app offers, including its inherent features.

Generally, reading a book in the traditional manner is a lot more emotional and sensational, but convenience is a scarce commodity. As a result, it is often a challenge to carry heavy books around. Books can sometimes be as heavy as logs of wood, and several bags have been torn to shred due to the heavy weight of some books.

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However, to read books on these platforms, we need a supporting application on our devices. Here is where the challenges lie – it is pretty rigorous to find an application that will give us all the satisfaction we need when it comes to reading on our devices, especially when searching for free apps that have no frequent apps to disrupt the reading process.

Finding such an app can be difficult, but it is possible. Some few apps check all the boxes in this regard, and ReadEra is one of those rare apps.

Reading Books in Various Formats

With ReadEra Premium, it is easy for you to read books in several formats, such as CHM, ODT, TXT, DJVU, FB2, Kindle (AZW3, MOBI), and Word (RTF, DOCX, DOC), EPUB, and PDF. This indicates that this app supports portable Kindle book formats, Word documents, and several others.

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We can only thank ReadEra for making this a possibility. The app integrates a broad-range Compatible Book Manager for its library of books. This allows the app to easily identify the format of the document or book and offer immediate reading measures. Each time you save a PDF newspaper, Microsoft Word document, PDF Story, or Epub book to your device, this app can easily process and open it.

Efficient, Convenient, and Easy Reading

In the course of book reading, you can read books on Kindle or whichever format it appears in with features like zooming in and out, increasing or decreasing reading brightness, turning pages through pages, searching for any page within the book, sorting books by the author. In addition, you can also find books on similar topics, bookmark book pages for later reading, underline keywords on the page, or make notes. With ReadEra, you can conveniently do everything you need to do on a page.


If you want, you can also customize it on the book page. For instance, you can adjust page size, margin size, screen orientation, customize font, line spacing, size, bold, hyphenation for ODT, TXT, Microsoft Word, Kindle (AZW3, MOBI), FB2, and Epub file formats, or change day and night mode and adjust color like sepia, white light.

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If you have already bookmarked the page initially, you can easily and quickly access your marked page, notes made, excerpts, and table of contents. This feature is convenient when you read more than one book.

Meticulous and Thoughtful Book Management System

ReadEra Premium will automatically search and locate which documents and books you have seen. Therefore, if you intend to read offline, just download the magazines or books you intend to read. Besides, ReadEra Premium will help divide the book into groups so that users can easily find them when needed. It is convenient for you that each time you look at your bookcase, you will be able to tell them apart simply because the books have been arranged for you in a detailed and specific way, avoiding any confusion.

Create Theme Collections for Yourself

ReadEra Premium will also help you create your book and story collections on your favorite topics. All the magazines and books you prefer and find most interesting will be sorted into certain categories. You can easily bury yourself in a gigantic treasure of books with different genres and content without ever getting bored. In addition, you can add any book file or document to multiple collections at once. To switch to a different book, you must save the current page before reading the other.

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This will allow you to easily find where you stopped when you return to the initial book. With ReadEra Premium, reading has become so easy, simple, and extremely convenient for book enthusiasts – it also consumes less of your effort and time.

More Awesome Features

Besides having the awesome features already mentioned in this past, you can also enjoy some more additional features such as:

  • Synchronization: ReadEra Premium can assist you in automatically synchronizing all citations, bookmarks, and documents to Google Drive on all devices that have the app installed.
  • More Quotes and Note Sections: This feature assists readers in gathering all the reviews, bookmarks, notes, and citations from all pages of documents and books in a single place. ReadEra Premium is very useful to students when reading or studying professional books.
  • My Font Feature: This unique feature on the app will help you be able to upload your favorite fonts for a comfortable, more familiar, and clearer reading experience.
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Additionally, this app also possesses Kid Mode. When you activate this mode, the interface becomes smaller with Parental Control and Large Book Covers for easy reading by kids. You can activate or disable Kid Mode in the three dots in the menu.

What’s New?

Improved library manager:

  • Ability to exclude individual documents, books, and certain folders from scanning
  • Manage files of documents and books in ReadEra Premium – you can rename, move, copy, delete a duplicate file, and quickly access a document or book file in the “About document” section

Last Words

ReadEra Premium is a carefully developed app that provides readers with everything they need to enjoy a book or document. All the beautiful features it possesses will make your reading experience a smooth ride. So download ReadEra today and enjoy an awesome reading experience.

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Download and install ReadEra Premium APK to be able to read books in all available formats. You can also perform many other functions like bookmarking and highlighting.


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