GBWhatsApp Pro
GBWhatsApp Pro
Size: 52 MB
Version: v17.10
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Download GBWhatsApp Pro v17.10 APK to experience a world of information. Get the authentic feel of a global village with instant communication, all on GBWhatsApp PRO.

Name GBWhatsApp Pro
Version v17.10
Updated Oct 31, 2022
Category Communication
Developer WhatsApp LLC
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About GBWhatsApp Pro

The world of social media media and communication has seen tremendous growth and broader involvement with GBWhatsApp PRO. However, it is no news that the internet has been a transformative tool for its users, from easy access to information to speed of light communication ability. As a result, WhatsApp, the world's most popular messaging app with billions of users, lacks certain features that GBWhatsApp PRO will comfortably provide its users through its amazing features.

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WhatsApp is a free testing app that offers its users a wide range of options, but it is still lacking in certain areas, which GBWhatsApp PRO will comfortably fill. As a result, GBWhatsApp Pro functions as a version of WhatsApp with features that bring maxim enjoyment to its users. Therefore, GBWhatsApp Pro is a highly functional and version of WhatsApp. These various additions that GBWhatsApp PRO comfortably provide its users with high-level functionality and speedy results. 

Furthermore, there are so many sought-after updates that GBWhatsApp PRO has. For example, one amazing functionality that GBWhatsApp offers its users is the ability to use two accounts simultaneously, resulting in third-party usage. Also, GBWhatsApp is a non-official app that functions as a version of WhatsApp. Therefore, with benefits that WhatsApp is yet to reach, GBWhatsApp PRO provides exclusive features that only its users can fully enjoy. As a result, GBWhatsApp offers all the next-level benefits it provides without storage space and any app clone drawbacks. Therefore, as a functioning third-party app, GBWhatatsApp allows its users to enjoy exclusive functionalities that WhatsApp cannot provide.  

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When you download GBWhatsApp PRO, you'll get access to features, updates, and tools that can not be found on WhatsApp's mother app. With top features only GBWhatsApp PRO provides, users enjoy features like chat themes, app locks, hidden read receipts, multi-user functionality, and so many more. All its features are uncommon and unmatched, with high-level functionality that cannot be overlooked.


GBWhatApp PRO is a version of WhatsApp with features to die for and functionalities that cannot be found anywhere. However, the functionalities are sought-after by users widely, making GBWhatsApp a widely used app. Furthermore, GBWhatsApp is a widely used WhatsApp clone with amazing features that the original app cannot provide. Also, this app is very much available for download on IOS and Android devices with its ability to be used in different parts of the world, like WhatsApp and the availability of different languages.

Why Use GBWhatsApp PRO?

  • Allows a wide range of chat themes that WhatsApp cannot provide
  • It allows its users to access hidden messages or deleted messages
  • Multiple users functionality
gbwhatsapp apk download latest version
  • Allows for longer group names of up to 35 characters
  • A high number of broadcast lists of up to 600 recipients
  • The app provides its users with an app lock feature


GBWhatsApp PRO has unique and unmatched features in delivery and customer experience. Users of the app can testify to the advanced functionalities it provides to users and the features tht it comes with. However, its features are one of the reasons for its widespread use; therefore, these features include:

No Contact List Required

GBWhatsApp PRO allows users to send messages to any number as long as it is registered with WhatsApp. However, this feature is very uncommon and not accessible even to WhatsApp users. Therefore, if you are trying to broaden your audience reach truly, GBWhatsApp PRO is for you. Therefore, a number not saved on your is no longer an issue with GBWhatsApp PRO. 

gbwhatsapp pro

App Lock

The app lock feature allows you to hide your messages even from people that have access to your phone. However, this feature adds a layer of security to your messages. Also, you can choose the type of lock that suits you. From pins to patterns and passwords, GBWhatsApp PRO has you covered. Therefore, no more easy access to your information by friends and family that you are trying to keep certain things from.  

Privacy Policy

With GBWhatsApp, additional privacy settings protect your detail and affairs on the app. However, this feature is not accessible on the official app. As a result, this is very much referred to as an exclusive feature that only GBWhatsApp users enjoy. Furthermore, this feature allows you to hide your online status, hide blue ticks or show the blue ticks, hide or show double ticks, and even hide your typing status. The privacy option is unique, with features and functionalities that users will not find on the official WhatsApp app.

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This feature allows you to transform and personalize the app's layout to fit or suit your taste. Also, you can do this more than once, and the GBWhatsApp PRO allows you to switch up the layout as often as you like with no limitations. Furthermore, with the availability of several themes on the app, the app's developers are constantly adding more to better the experience for users.

Additional Features

Media Sharing

Media sharing on the official WhatsApp app is minimal. With s, all documents, images, GIFs, and videos are allowed. However, with GBWhatsApp, the size limit has been increased to 700MB with obvious improvements that will enhance the quality of the file sent.

Pinned Chats

With GBWhtasApp, you can comfortably pin up to 1000 chats without restriction. Moreover, unlike the official WhatsApp app, where users can only pin three chats, GBWhatsApp allows users to pin up to a thousand chats.

gbwhatsapp pro apk download

Resolution Image Sharing

Unlike WhatsApp, which compresses images to ensure faster sending, thereby reducing quality, GBWhartsApp PRO provides its users with full-scale resolution images that can be shared without reducing the quality of the sent picture. However, if you are looking to send images without reducing the quality, GBWhatsApp PRO is for you.


If you are looking for an amazing WhatsApp clone that provides better features than the official app, then GBWhatsApp is for you. With amazing features that further make it stand out, GBWhatsApp PRO provides its users with amazing functionality.

This app is a new feel from the restrictions the official WhatsApp places on its users. From the increase in the number of pinned chats to the ability to hide or show your online status at your own will, GBWhatsApp has got you covered.


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