Blue WhatsApp Plus
Blue WhatsApp Plus
Size: 57 MB
Version: v9.45
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Download Blue WhatsApp Plus 9.45 APK to enjoy the latest and most up-to-date version of one of the best instant messengers for every iOS and Android smartphone.

Name Blue WhatsApp Plus
Version v9.45
Updated Oct 24, 2022
Category Communication
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About Blue WhatsApp Plus

Blue WhatsApp Plus is an enhanced version of the original Messenger that includes numerous new features. Furthermore, several issues have been either improved or entirely resolved. So, you may revel in all of the enhanced perks with this updated version.

This app offers some fantastic features, unlike the original WhatsApp. As opposed to the original, you can alter the Blue WhatsApp Plus interface however you like. This is already a significant advantage that most people would hope to see in the standard version of Messenger. Blue WhatsApp Plus, on the other hand, has this as an original feature.

You can change all of your layouts, and the application's numerous chats look up to a point. The app also has privacy features, such as blocking voice calls from deleted contacts. As a result, the Blue WhatsApp Plus has become more practical and private than ever.

blue whatsapp plus

Thanks to the unique features of Blue WhatsApp Plus, you can text people not on your contact list by just typing their number from the menu and sending a message. Sending messages to over 100 people at a go or sending over 30 photos to a single recipient or a group of recipients are just two fascinating options available.

Blue Whatsapp Plus is an Android app developed by Fouad Mazda and uploaded by Whatsapp Authority. This app is available for anyone to download. It's available on Android and iOS devices and supports over 15 languages. The content is rated for anyone over three years of age, which means it's relatively easy to use. There are over 1 million downloads on Playstore with a 3.0 rating from thousands of users.

How Blue WhatsApp Plus Works

Blue WhatsApp Plus, as an unofficial app, is unavailable for download by anyone from the Google Play Store. Instead, interested users have to go through the file's manual download and install process.

blue whatsapp plus apk

Blue Whatsapp Plus is a variant of Whatsapp that incorporates elements not included in the original Whatsapp app. It has more customization options, excellent privacy settings, and better functions.

This piece of Android software also enhances the capabilities of your current WhatsApp application. It allows you to change how you interact with things, such as introducing additional fonts or themes.

Features Of Blue WhatsApp Plus

This app possesses so many unique additions that help users experience the reality of improved messaging. Below are a couple of these features:

blue whatsapp plus apk download

Customizable Themes

As you might have inferred, this quality is commonly associated with Blue WhatsApp Plus. Your WhatsApp discussion window can have a fresh look and feel when you customize the themes in your Blue WhatsApp Plus app.

Additionally, you may choose their preferred fonts, colors, and background images. It doesn't end there. You can also tailor little things such as chat bubbles, profile bubbles, and various color schemes to their specific preferences. The Google Play Store has provisions for any user to purchase more Blue WhatsApp Plus themes.

Reduced Data Usage  

Blue Whatsapp Plus allows users to conserve a significant amount of bandwidth. This happens by increasing the highest file limit for every message thread in group discussions, up to 50MB. Additionally, it features a beautiful layout with stunning backgrounds that sets it apart from the original WhatsApp Messenger.

blue whatsapp plus apk download 2022 new version

Freedom to Send Heavy Files

Blue Whatsapp Plus allows you to send many bulkier media files simultaneously. While the stock Whatsapp may only permit you to send a certain number of files in one go, it's different with WhatsApp Blue.

 There's an unlimited nature to the number of files you can send continuously with Blue Whatsapp. This reality also happens in full resolution without any form of compression by WhatsApp. Documents are not excluded here either. The file and media sharing size restrictions are significantly larger than the stock app.

Alteration Of File Sharing Settings

Another Blue WhatsApp Plus feature is the ability to increase the file size limit for transferred files from 2 to 50 MB. Additional alternatives exist for maintaining uniformity in image and video size and resolution.

blue whatsapp plus apk download latest version

Use Of Left Or Right Swiping To Permanently Delete Messages

Another distinguishable feature in Blue WhatsApp Plus is how you can quickly delete a message that has already been delivered by just swiping left or right. Users may now more easily fix their errors thanks to this feature.

Hiding Of Last Seen For Specific Contacts

As a user of the Blue WhatsApp Plus app, you can choose which contacts view their last seen status. It ensures that no one else recognizes you since you were last seen on WhatsApp Messenger. Furthermore, privacy is maintained by masking previously seen information for specific contacts.

blue whatsapp plus apk 2022

Better Privacy

Blue Whatsapp Plus gives you greater confidentiality and safety because it doesn't need authorization from the Google Play Store. Your application is, therefore, secure and shielded from eavesdropping by external programs. Because of this, it has become significantly safer than WhatsApp's official Messenger.

Increased Group Chat Send Limit

A primary motivation behind this application was users who frequently use group chat to communicate in-depth messages with their peers. Unfortunately, it violates WhatsApp's policy that a group chat message can contain 256 characters. To some, this isn't practical and is way too much.

blue whatsapp plus update

Any user of Blue WhatsApp Plus can increase the maximum number of characters that may be sent in a group discussion from 100 to 500, or maybe even more. In addition, this development provides a way for you to send lengthy messages.

Closing Thoughts

While you might witness many people stick to using WhatsApp, you can also consider Blue WhatsApp to enjoy extended fundamental WhatsApp functionalities. Blue WhatsApp Plus allows its users to send images in their original resolution, share movies, hide their last seen, and access various options that ultimately simplify known processes.

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Download Blue WhatsApp Plus 9.45 APK to enjoy the latest and most up-to-date version of one of the best instant messengers for every iOS and Android smartphone.


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