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Download and install BlockerX APK to protect yourself or your kids from viewing harmful, unhealthy, violent content that may be offensive. Keep your child protected with BlockerX.

Name BlockerX
Version 4.9.46
Updated Mar 5, 2024
Category Lifestyle
Developer Atmana, Inc.
Google Play Link io.funswitch.blocker

Introduction to BlockerX

BlockerX is an Android app designed to block all admittance to websites with violent or unhealthy content. This app is a must-have for parents that have curious kids. BlockerX restricts the dark web and includes extra protection against children's viewership on the internet.

Blocking the Dark Web

There is no doubt that the internet has altered the outlook of humanity. The advantages that the internet provides cannot be explained in sentences. However, because even a coin has two sides, there are as many disadvantages as advantages on the internet, one of which is the uncontrollable information flow. Even those controlled have some back channels some veteran internet users can take. Some of these uncontrollable pieces of information can harm a user's perception, knowledge, and mind.

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For guardians or parents, this challenge brings even more worries. Kids, at an early and innocent stage of their lives, can learn information, images, and knowledge quickly. Also, it is quite difficult to keep children from using the internet. Therefore, there is a way parents can control the content their kids read or see without totally taking the use of the internet from them. In addition, it is possible to keep kids from accessing harmful sources on the internet, such as the dark web.

There are several methods. You can activate security for some unhealthy apps on the phone or laptop, reduce playtime, and only allow your kid to use the device when studying – also, have someone sitting close to them to monitor which websites they are browsing. However, these methods can only work when your kids are still pretty little; they might not be feasible when your child grows and matures more mentally, especially when they need their privacy. At this stage, it will be advisable to install an app that keeps the dark web away from their accessibility, protecting them against bad elements and providing them with a certain kind of freedom. BlockerX is one of those powerful applications you can install to protect your kid's innocent.

Meaning of BlockerX

BlockerX is an Android app that assists users in blocking admittance to websites featuring adult content, including some information not deemed healthy for kids. Some websites and information are not only violent and unhealthy but also contain harmful codes that can put the security of a user's device at risk.


Amazing Features of BlockerX

Block Violent, Unhealthy, and Adult Content

In this case, this is by far the major function of the app. Installing BlockerX to a particular phone will automatically assist you in restricting all harmful content from being accessed. If you intend to block a certain app or website, you can also include their titles to the app for blocking.

The app can block unhealthy content according to its capacity to pick sources that feature images portrayed in user warnings. Then, BlockerX puts those sources on the blacklist and blocks them whenever a user tries to access them.

Prevent App Uninstall

It is easy to uninstall most apps simply by tapping the Android device's screen. Uninstalling BlockerX is not as easy. If it can be uninstalled easily, then applying the app on a device is no use. BlockerX has been designed and developed to disable the option of uninstalling it, no matter how often the user tries to. A device with BlockerX installed on it will not be able to get rid of BlockerX except if the person who installed the app on the device allows it. BlockerX can be uninstalled by inputting a series of specific passcodes known to the installer.

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Navigate Safe Network Environment

Besides accessing the website directly, looking for information using well-known search engines like YouTube, Bing, Google, etc., has unhealthiness. This is because you cannot tell how much inappropriate information the screen provides is in so many results. BlockerX will help correct this issue. The app will always ensure that results from the blacklist are not displayed.

Restrict Sensitive Words

A user can activate this particular feature to make restrictions even stricter. With this feature, a parent or guardian can restrict all content with sensitive words, such as adult videos. It does not matter what content page or website with keywords you feel are not suitable, and those websites will not appear on the device.

Block Apps

Besides blocking apps with unhealthy content, BlockerX can also help restrict apps that are annoying and which can distract a user. You can also block YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with BlockerX. The app is created so your kid's learning will be healthier and more focused.

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How to Use BlockerX for Children

The first step is to install the app on your child's Android device. There is also a computer application, which you can install on your kid's PC. For parents or guardians, when you launch BlockerX, two options will come to the screen, click on 'My Child" (if the device belongs to your kid) or "Self" (if the device is yours). Then you create an account by entering your details, starting with your name. You will thereafter receive a code to your email address. Next, you can press the button to accept the terms of service. Then click on the start button.

The device's screen will display the Go to settings button where you will need to accept permissions like VPN connection, accessibility, and admin right (this is if the device belongs to your kid). When you have completed the setup, you will have to log into your BlockerX to limit the child's activities. Open BlockerX, select My Child and the device as Self (if the device is yours), and sign in. Next, you will have to select the List to include violent, pornographic, and adult content to help control your child's viewership.

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This app will help you block porn and black websites on a certain Android device – it could be yours or your kid's. All you need to do is log in with an account you have already created. With BlockerX, you can restrict any website with objectionable content some people may find offensive or content that may compromise the innocence of a kid.

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Download and install BlockerX APK to protect yourself or your kids from viewing harmful, unhealthy, violent content that may be offensive. Keep your child protected with BlockerX.


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