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Download TVTAP APK to access various TV channels from all over the world. Watch public and private TV channels free on your android phones when you install TVTAP.

Version 1.3
Updated Aug 30, 2022
Category Entertainment
Developer TvTap, INC
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This excellent mobile app allows users to watch TV channels on their smartphones. So you can watch various public and private TV channels worldwide without needing a TV subscription plan. Moreover, the app works just like many other apps in its category; it lets you stream your video content online rather than from the servers. So, you can use your internet to watch all your favourite tv channels anytime.

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TVTAP works simplistically, so it's pretty easy to navigate, change settings and find your favourite channels. The elegant interface is user-friendly and has an extensive list of channels with each logo. You will be shown many TVs when you first open the app based on the general settings. But as you start using it, filter them and sort the list.

Selecting and removing channels you dint watch can create a personalized space for your smartphone TV view. To watch the channels live, you can tap on the channel's logo, which will load all the channel features and stream the content in real-time.

The app also offers recommendations, depending on what you're currently watching. So, watching a news channel, you'll see suggestions for similar media. Likewise, if you're watching a cartoon network, you'll see other recommended cartoon channels you can try.

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The app was designed and released by TVTAP, and it remains one of the most versatile and useful TV streaming apps you can use on your mobile device. The app supports more than 47 languages worldwide and is free to use. It has millions of downloads on the internet and has recently gained much popularity.

Why Use TVTAP?

  • TVTAP is free to use for all smartphones.
  • It has a comprehensive list of TV channels to select and filter.
  • The app is simple and user-friendly with an elegant design.
  • It's compatible with multiple android devices, including phones, tablets and fire sticks.
  • It gives an accurate and useful recommendation of other channels to watch and allows you to bookmark a channel.
tvtap apk download 2022
  • The app is lightweight and doesn't take too much space in your storage.
  • Users will experience no lag or glitch when they use the app.

App Features

TVTAP offers incredible services to users who want to watch TV on their smartphones. Check out some of the app features below:

Elegant UI

Although the leading service is to stream quality TV channels to users, the platform still delivers a beautiful and impressive interface. The app is simple and easy to use, with nothing too shabby in the UI to annoy the users. It's also relatively easy to navigate regardless of what type of user you are. For example, a kid can easily find their way across the app without getting stuck on what to do.

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The app works with various types of android devices. You can access it with basic android phones from the low range to the mid-range categories. It's also compatible with tablets and other android devices such as fires sticks, android boxes and smart TVs. You can easily cast your screen on your Android television if you don't want to install the app on the TV or install the app on it and enjoy your TV channels while you use your phone for other things.

Buffer free streaming

The app also offers a buffer-free streaming experience, making it more desirable if you've used buffered streaming platforms. It helps you get the most out of your streaming experience by ensuring no lag when you stream your videos, even when the internet connection is not that great. The content is streamed through a fast server, so your speed and smooth streaming are guaranteed.

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TVTAP is light but functional app that allows you to have much space left on your device when installed. It takes up minimal space on your device storage, so it's ideal for phones with little storage space. If you use a cluttered phone with little room to run your apps, TVTAP will still run smoothly while other apps have lags and issues with their functions. This makes it ideal for android TVs too, which don't thrive well when you have many heavy files.


The app layout is comprehendible, so you won't get stuck using it. It has many features to help with that, starting with the simple interface and now the bookmarks and favourites. The bookmarks allow you to keep specific channels saved anytime you want to access them. So you can quickly check out the Bookmarks or Favourites for channels you've saved or liked. You can also access the recently watched channels that list all the channels you've watched all day.

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The app doesn't just allow you to stream the current shows and gives you access to the upcoming shows on each channel. So you can check a channel's schedule and see if they have any program you'd like to watch. If they do have such a program, you can set a reminder, so you don't miss out when the program begins.

Content Availability and Media Player

The content pool on TVTAP is quite extensive. You don't have to worry about inadequate content because the app pulls content from worldwide. As long as you use the premium version, you'll be able to watch over 750 tv channels from different countries such as India, the USA, France, the UK, Russia, etc. The app also has a media player to stream your content, so you don't have to use a third-party app.


TVTAP is a great and functional app to stream TV channels anywhere on your smartphone. The app has an elegant UI allowing you to navigate its features without getting stuck easily. It also has a rich pool of TV channels you can watch anytime.

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Download TVTAP APK to access various TV channels from all over the world. Watch public and private TV channels free on your android phones when you install TVTAP.


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