Scratch Adventure
Scratch Adventure
Size: 104 MB
Version: 1.7.5
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Download Scratch Adventure APK latest version to add spice to your bedroom time. This game has new possibilities and ideas to explore while staying safe.

Name Scratch Adventure
Version 1.7.5
Updated Jan 5, 2023
Category Entertainment
Developer Maurice Wirth
Google Play Link

About Scratch Adventure APK

Scratch Adventure APK is a means of introducing novelty to your relationship with your partner. It features couple challenges, games, and other special highlights to make your love life healthy and interesting.

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Scratch Adventure APK does not take you beyond your limits. The developers have put structures in place to ensure you do not have to do anything uncomfortable, but you also have to choose to stick to what is comfortable for you and your partner.

Playing Scratch Adventure APK

Scratch Adventure APK aims to let you enjoy every step of your gameplay. The challenges you face and new things you try out are classified are named and explained below:

  • Date Night Bucket List: This game category offers 89 different ideas for fun dates with your partner. The bucket list features home and outside dates suited to various budget levels.
  • Questions To Ask On A Date: This game gives you 140 question suggestions when you’re on a date to start and maintain an engaging, easy conversation with the other person.
  • Scratch-Off Bedroom Game: This is exactly what it sounds like, a game that starts and ends in the bedroom. It is inclusive because it offers lesbian, gay, and other queer options. It even has suggestions for threesomes of two varieties.
  • Long Distance Game: Scratch Adventure APK allows you to communicate with your long-distance partner through an online connection in the game. It sends notifications to the person when you want to cuddle, play, or just need attention.
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Scratch Adventure APK is an intimacy game. When you play, understand that you’re doing so at your own risk. Despite how nice and enjoyable these challenges are, they come with the possibility of physical or mental injuries, and you have to make sure you’re careful while taking part in them.


Features Of Scratch Adventure APK

Scratch Adventure is not just concerned with the part of your relationship. It also features a relationship game with 81 couple challenges to aid togetherness among partners, a dice game with 226 challenges, and some special extras. One of the extras is an augmented reality feature that lets you bring pictures to life.

It is technically a bonus feature, allowing you to upload a favourite picture of yourself to insert into the gameplay. The app guide explains more about this when you begin playing Scratch Adventure APK. This app also has a Love Counter included. With this, you can predict the length of your relationship with your partner.

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The Love Counter determines how long you will stay with your current partner. Try not to take the results to heart, as even artificial intelligence can be wrong sometimes. This is just an application to help you take your relationship to a higher level in every aspect.

How To Download Scratch Adventure APK

Downloading Scratch Adventure APK is as easy as using the app is. Most Android versions support the app, so you must find a trusted site to download the file from. You can even get it on this website.

Android users have it quite differently. If you’re using an Android device, you need to download the APK file from our website and install it.

Go to the Security section of your device’s Settings. Turn on the Install toggle for the Unknown Sources option to give your device permission to download a file from a site. Look up the Scratch Adventure APK on your browser, and choose a trusted website to download from.

scratch adventure apk for android

When you’re done, go to the Downloads folder, and click on the file to start the installation process. Prompts will appear on your screen to guide you through the steps. For some Android versions, you might need the latest version on your device to launch the Scratch Adventure app.

Pros And Cons Of Scratch Adventure APK

Scratch Adventure APK has lots of perks, but it also has its downsides. The version of the app is available on most third-party websites. Since the publisher does not make it of the original app, the developers or publishers can add malware to the APK file.

It is not particularly safe to install, but its features add to its appeal, so if you cannot resist the allure, get antivirus software before you download the file. This way, you’ll be protected from whatever viral attack may occur.

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Despite these, the use of APK files does have its benefits. When you have the APK file installed, you don’t have to worry about losing an older game version just to get the newer one. You can also download new apps before they are released on official app stores like Google Play Store.


From being ad-free to providing automatic playbacks and multiple audio channel support, the highlights of playing Scratch Adventure APK are plenty and attractive. There are also many locations for you to explore different bedroom setups. All of these are present to enhance your experience on the app.

Scratch Adventure APK is also useful for single people who are going on dates to try to form meaningful connections. It will help you make better conversations and forge lasting relationships offline. Are you ready to level up with the love of your life using this app?

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Download Scratch Adventure APK latest version to add spice to your bedroom time. This game has new possibilities and ideas to explore while staying safe.


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