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Download NewPipe APK latest version professional tool and unlock long desired and sought-after features available on Android YouTube, anywhere in the world.

Name NewPipe
Version 0.23.2
Updated Aug 24, 2022
Category Entertainment
Developer Team NewPipe
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Newpipe is a good video and audio software designed to work specifically on YouTube as its prime service provider. It is not an extension of YouTube itself but rather an easier way to log into YouTube and perform more functions than the YouTube software would permit.

NewPipe download is a request for an F-droid software that doesn't use any of the libraries associated with google and its associates. Hence you become completely anonymous on YouTube while making numerous searches on videos and audios or any such services you wish to enjoy.

newpipe apk

The latest version, the NewPipe latest version 0.23.1, was launched on the 5th of July 2022, and it fixed a lot of problems present in the older versions. Some of these problems interfered with the performance and general use of the software in giving the user dedicated, efficient service.


NewPipe android tv, or NewPipe for Android, as it is popularly known, is a video and audio downloader professional tool free for all to use and also on the open-source software platform, for developers to access. NewPipe 2022 is free to download, and there is no NewPipe pro or NewPipe premium on the internet. This availability for all to use, is one of its winning factors. Professional tools like NewPiPe amass a huge volume of downloads.

Despite being available only on the Android operating system, NewPipe has acquired an impressive 6M+ downloads and a total review ranging from 3.8 to 4.2 stars on multiple online platforms.

newpipe apk download latest version 2022

Software FOSS (Free Open-Source Software) tools like NewPipe are so well sought-after worldwide, for their soothing services that break the boundaries of conventional service providers on the internet without any illegal means.

The high demand on a global scale is one reason the NewPipe android software supports a wide variety of languages to an amazing 90+ including English.

NewPipe was developed by Christian Schabesberger and published by Team NewPipe on the 15th of September 2015. There are currently no purchases to be made in it, and the only source of revenue available is via a donation from users who are grateful for the app and would love to encourage the developer.

newpipe pro apk

Due to its professional feel, it is rated 16+ because of its technical nature and simple yet complex system for underage individuals and children.

Using NewPipe

Users are to get the software from any open source website online since it is a FOSS software.

FOSS means it is Free Open Source Software. Software that is set on FOSS technology is software that any programmer or developer can further customize to meet their unique taste and standard without needing licensing and permissions from the developer. While it makes room for modifications, a lot of its core systems will remain in place as part of the developer's trademark.

NewPipe is dependent on the Google framework or any YouTube API. It is specifically designed to manage and handle all functions available on YouTube, like watching videos, listening to audio, launch videos.

newpipe apk download

It also performs a lot of functions that YouTube does not offer, such as; downloading videos and audios, going incognito while surfing, streaming music in the background, and lots more.


  • Accessibility: Readily available for all to use, NewPipe is easily gotten with a simple request like;

NewPipe Download, NewPipe free download, NewPipe latest download, NewPipe for android, and other similar requests about the tool.

  • Open Source on GitHub: Having discussed what open source software is, we now take a brief look at GitHub. GitHub is an online service provider which is very famous amongst programmers, Website, and App Developers as a tool for launching their designed websites, software, and applications on the internet to become known globally regardless of location and at a free price. What is unique about GitHub is that it hosts a lot of open source software, and it is remarkably easy to use in launching software, which has increased its fame.
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  • Adjustable Resolution: Other than the graphics option available on YouTube, NewPipe comes with an inbuilt, easily accessed flexible resolution page where users can reduce or increase the resolution of the videos they view. It makes the software compatible with any device on the android operating system regardless of how low they may be.
  • Control Features of Videos: Become in control of controlling video quality, resolution, and speed alongside graphics too. With NewPipe, you can gain true mastery over YouTube videos in any way you see fit.
  • Background play: Exit the interface while playing any video or audio file and watch how the system adapts to this change by automatically going into background mode, which keeps the app functional even in the background.
  • Pop in Mode: Move pictures and images or other video files into a video while playing for work or fun.
newpipe apk 2022
  • Download Video and Audio: YouTube has made it known over the decade, and with each subsequent update, they do not intend to introduce a download feature anytime soon. The current synonym for the long-sought feature is a save feature that saves the video or audio offline on the user's YouTube account. However, nothing beats having the actual video or audio file to share, move, arrange, or delete as you see fit. And that Is where NewPipe comes with the download feature being made noticeable and converts the video intended to be downloaded into a file format sent to a specified directory in the user's storage.


Whether for work, fun, or just the simple desire to gain full control of the vast and enormous amount of information YouTube offers, NewPipe is one safe and reliable tool you should consider.

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Download NewPipe APK latest version professional tool and unlock long desired and sought-after features available on Android YouTube, anywhere in the world.


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