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Download Ludo King APK latest version free for android and enjoy one of the most popular classic board games. It has dynamic challenges with super cool rewards.

Name Ludo King
Updated Nov 25, 2022
Category Board
Developer Gametion
Google Play Link com.ludo.king

Everything You Need to Know about Ludo King APK 

Ludo King is one of the most popular board games offered by Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd. It has more than 700 million downloads, a testament to its popularity.

It is an adaptation of the Pachisi game, a game that was popularized in India by the Mughals. The multiplayer version of the game can accommodate up to six players.

ludo king apk

The game's objective is to move all your tokens from your respective starting points to the finish line before your opponents do. The Ludo King APK for Android is 53M and works optimally with Android 4.4+ devices.

An Exciting Gameplay

Ludo King is a board game ideal for people of all ages. It is a great way to pass time and bond with family and friends. The game can accommodate several players, which makes it even more exciting. The rules are easily comprehensible.

First, a player can toss/roll the dice, and then move their tokens accordingly.  It progresses in a clockwise motion, and the first player to get all their tokens to the finish line is the winner. In case there are no more moves left, the player can roll the dice again.

ludo king apk unlimited six

The game offers four different modes, including quick play, against the computer, local multiplayer, and online multiplayer. The quick play mode is for players who want to get into the game without any hassle.

In the against the computer model, the player competes against an AI opponent. The local multiplayer mode is for players who want to compete against their friends and family members. The online multiplayer mode is for players who want to compete against online opponents.

Ludo King also offers a chat feature, allowing players to communicate with each other while playing the game. This feature adds to the fun and excitement of the game.

An In-Depth Look at Ludo King Rules

If you're still confused about how to play Ludo King, here are the official rules:

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  • 2-4 players can play simultaneously. Each of the players will have 4 tokens. The first player who moves all of their four tokens to the centerboard is declared the winner. The game progresses in a clockwise direction.
  • A token only moves from the base after a player rolls a six. In case the player rolls six three times in a row, it simply skips their turn.
  • If a specific token crosses the finish line, the player will roll another dice. Also, a player will roll another dice in case their token captures another token.
  • The Ludo board has 8 safe squares (colored or starred).
  • The token must exit the player's base and move around the board for that player to win.

With these rules, you can be sure that playing Ludo King will be an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Numerous Game Themes in Your Disposal

Ludo King offers a wide range of themes to choose from. These themes include:

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  • Disco/Night Theme. The disco/night theme is perfect for players who want to add a bit of excitement and energy to the game. The board and tokens are brightly lit, and the overall ambiance is quite festive.
  • Egyptian Theme. The Egyptian theme transports players to ancient Egypt. The board and tokens have an Egyptian feel to them, and the background music is quite calming.
  • Pirate Theme. The pirate theme is perfect for players who want to add a bit of adventure to the game. The board and tokens have a pirate feel to them, and the background music is quite exciting.
  • Nature Theme. The nature theme is perfect for players who want to relax and unwind. The board and tokens are inspired by nature, and the background music is quite soothing.
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Other themes include Pinball, Candy, Christmas, Penguin, Battle, Diwali, and Sui Dhaaga. Whichever theme you select, you can be sure that you'll have a blast playing Ludo King.

Other Features of Ludo King APK

  • No internet required
  • Quick mode & tournaments
  • Voice chats available
  • Make friends globally
  • Highly intuitive UI
  • Save game option
  • Play snake & ladders

Additionally, this game has awesome graphics. The controls are also quite user-friendly.

Ludo King APK Download

The Ludo King APK unlimited money download is an enhanced version of the game that offers players several advantages. Some of these benefits include:

ludo king apk all themes unlocked
  • Ludo King APK Unlimited six. This game mode gives players the chance to roll six every time they play. As a result, players can move their tokens more quickly and easily.
  • Ludo King APK Unlimited coins and diamonds. This game mode allows players to purchase different items from the in-game store without worrying about spending real money.
  • Ludo King APK All themes. This game mode gives players access to all of the game's themes. As a result, players can choose whichever theme they want, whenever they want.
  • Ludo King APK Unlimited money always win. This game mode ensures that players always win.
  • No Ads. The Ludo King APK always-win download gives players an uninterrupted gaming experience. Players will not have to see any annoying ads while playing the game.

Ludo King APK Download Latest Version

You can download the latest version of the Ludo King APK from a reputable third-party source. Ensure that you download toggle on/tick the 'Unknown Sources' option in your device's settings. After the download is complete, simply install the game and start playing.


Ludo King is a fun and exciting game for players of all ages. The game is easy to learn and play. The APK download of this game provides players with several advantages, such as the ability to always win. If you're looking for a fun and challenging game to play, look no further than Ludo King.


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