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Investing com
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Download APK to get all kinds of data and resources in the financial world. Access Powerful to make the most out of your monetary investments.

Name Investing com
Version 6.27.2
Updated Jun 14, 2024
Category Finance
Google Play Link com.fusionmedia.investing

About App

Investing is an excellent tool for financial marketers and expert analysis markets. It's a mobile app that allows you to access diverse content and update from around the world about the existing financial markets across various regions worldwide. This powerful and resourceful app pulls information from its local and global instruments to provide accurate, timely and useful information to the users at no extra cost or overly expensive offers.

investing com apk

The app is designed to put the user in complete control, allowing them to make decisions about everything they do. Since it's pretty easy to navigate, the app has also gained much popularity recently because all types of users can easily find their way across its interface, sharing it with friends and colleagues. You'll also control any information you receive about an investment or market.

When you open the app, the home screen contains over 10,000 financial instruments to help you make correct analyses and stay up to date on the latest news. Hence, you're bound to have a seamless experience with the app installed on your device. You'll also be in the light every time on each market you're interested in, just like professional traders and investors with a new update platform.

It's also quite interesting that you can use the app's calendar to keep track of various events and financial situations. For example, you'll be able to check the calendar to know which date there was a significant loss in the industry and which day there were great profits. Clicking ok the date will also give you further information on the specifics of the event and its relevance to your industry.

investing com developed the app as an additional service for mobile users. The website has provided this service for years, and the app was designed to relieve mobile users from the stress of navigating the website and making the experience even more friendly. It's available in multiple languages worldwide, and it's also free to download and install. The content rating is +3, and the app currently has millions of downloads on Playstore.

Why Use

Users tend to benefit from downloading and installing mobile apps as one of the financial market's most useful and resourceful platforms. Check them out the reasons below:

  • Enjoy a seamless experience with the simple and user-friendly UI designed for users' convenience.
  • Get access to real-time data from reputable and accurate sources in the local and international markets.
  • Access the economic calendar to check past a d present events for insights into its gameplay.
  • Create a personalized portfolio to generate content related only to your industry or area of specialization.
  • Get alerts and notifications for changes in the market such as price change, percentage decrease, volume decrease or increase, etc.
  • Use financial tools such as Technical Summary a d Currency Converter to manage your daily tasks.
  • Get access to timely and accurate breaking news and update on any critical issue in the financial world.
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App Features

As earlier mentioned, is one of the most innovative platforms to keep track of happenings in the financial world. Below are some of the features that allow it to provide these immense services:

Simple UI

The app is quite simple and relatable to users compared to other apps in its category. Since the users are probably familiar with financial terms, you'll get a lot of abbreviations and terms that you'll quickly understand. The layout is also designed to contain as much information as possible, giving you an overview of the app's features and content. You'll be able to see the various elements from the home screen and quickly navigate to any of them with a few taps.

Personalized Portfolio

Keeping a personalized portfolio is crucial for anyone in the financial market. Since there are areas of specialization and different users would be interested in various resources, the app allows you to keep a personalized space where you can decide what you see and when you see them.

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For example, anyone interested in the Forex market and not the Crypto Assets can personalize their news feed, updates and alerts to only pertain to Forex, leaving out any other market in the financial world. You'll also be able to set schedules, review alerts and updates and set the notifications to suit your preference.

Real-time Data and Alerts

This app feature allows you to keep track of changes in the market and be notified anytime your attention is needed. In addition, you'll be able to determine what kind of information you want to receive and if the app should filter your alerts. For example, it can notify you of any increase in the stock market or if a particular crypto asset has increased in value or volume. You'll also get instant notifications when there's an emergency update that everyone in the financial market should be aware of.

Economic Calendar

The calendar is an impressive feature that allows you to keep track of all events and happenings in the past of foreseeable future. Hence, if there is any important convention or program worth attending, you'll see it on this calendar. It's also handy for keeping track of past events such as an economic crash or dates to expect a dip in a specific currency. You can also explore the calendar to find out numerous other information.

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News and Analysis

The News and Analysis feature is one of the app's primary features. It allows you to keep track of everything breaking news, videos, updates and analysis on global financial markets. You'll also get updates about the latest technology, recent business news and trending talks ok politics. However, all these updates are related to the financial world to ensure you don't just come across redundant updates.

Conclusion is a remarkable tracking tool that lets you stay updated regarding news and opportunities in the financial market. In addition, the app makes it easy to access diverse content from various reputable and reliable sources on the internet.

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Download APK to get all kinds of data and resources in the financial world. Access Powerful to make the most out of your monetary investments.


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