Bunny Live
Bunny Live
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Version: 2.9.0
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Download Bunny Live APK, an excellent broadcasting platform. Enjoy exclusive unique activities, easily Livestream with a click, chat with idols, and have a great time.

Name Bunny Live
Version 2.9.0
Updated Sep 14, 2022
Category Entertainment
Developer Bunnycompany
Google Play Link com.tiange.bunnylive

Bunny Live

Download Bunny Live, a paid mobile app developed by Bunnycompany and launched in March 2019. The Livestream app allows users to stream the app live on their smartphones and tablets. Users can enjoy exclusive unique activities and join a community for more entertainment. Subscribe to the streaming app for a fabulous time.

An In-Depth Description Bunny Live

Users can connect and converse with many other users on Bunny Live, a social media platform for live broadcasting. Once everybody is streaming, the program will establish a secured area with the matching ID code. Once you know a user's ID or identity, you can enter chat forums.

You can leave a note to get in touch with the host as a visitor. Inside the message box on the screen's left side, they may see the texts you deliver. Also, you could keep up with the brief remarks made by others.

bunny live

The Bunny Live streaming app can send live streamers presents or coins, like well-liked streaming services like Bigo Live and Spoon. The coins can be used to purchase items to deliver to the room host (idol).

Users can access live content without restriction on a mobile device or tablet, thanks to Bunny Live. Although this software does not seems to be the very first to promote Livestream, it is truly unique in many ways. This is the developer Bunnycompany's debut offering. Consequently, it has many unique aspects to ensure you won't be disappointed.

Features of Bunny Live

Let us check out the features of Bunny Live:

Interact and Connect With Idols

Through Bunny Live, superstars may engage with viewers and several idols, which is distinctive from other live streaming apps. This attribute will display a picture of other superstars on the screen's left side. By tapping the image, you can change their space. This is another method for gaining more viewers.

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In Bunny Live download, there are numerous idols. With the Bunny LIve's launcher, users can look towards and make contact with them. Based on a variety of factors, notably fame, latest live streams, freshly joined idols, and newly added idols, Bunny Live lists icons. Additionally, the Bunny Live live observer enables you to communicate with unrelated icons. To enter their room, slide up or down. Obviously, these spaces are not locked by default.

Increase Your Engagements

Engage with other celebrities to drive engagement if you succeed in becoming an idol and have a particular number of views. Users can tap on the icon in the screen's upper-left to move to their space right away. If they consent, users can now start chatting or offering mini-games to draw viewers, which will soon boost the number of views. Then, if you're not entirely fit, you can dismiss offers from Dual and other superstars.

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Be a Good Supporter

When featured followers gain adequate extra credit, they are eligible for a variety of benefits. You must donate extra points to your favorite celebrity to receive them; the number of points you receive will be inversely proportionate to the present. Also, purchasing gifts in Bunny Live will require you to pay money. Your identity will be hidden with unique signs after you gain fame as a follower. This implies that when celebrities are live-streaming, it will be simple for them to notice you.

Show Your Talent

In essence, this program makes it possible for any individual to Livestream on its site, although not everybody will quickly be an idol. Users must at first complete a registration process with their private data. Before allowing anyone to Livestream, the developer will closely monitor these details. This would prevent the scenario where fraudulent news agencies can also Livestream and assist the idol group in Bunny Live to be officially assured.

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Users can build a space and stream anytime they wish after being assigned Livestream access. Due to the massive number of idols on the app, it's also the point when you must display your skills to capture fans. Have a go at popular activities like singing, dancing, and sharing. If you achieve a particular fan base, you can receive donations from them and trade them for cash to make income.

Charts Updated Regularly

Bunny Live incorporates idol standings by day, month, and year besides these functions. The most gifted or viewed excellent celebrities will undoubtedly be listed on this honor roll. Keep in mind that throughout time, the status and status of icons will fluctuate regularly. As a result, you must continuously seek to perform at your best and rank highly.

bunny live streaming app

Final Thoughts

Download Bunny Live latest version as it is fresh and full of energy; we can provide you with the most pleasing experience for your impressionable soul. Join us, and we'll offer you an exceptional experience with adorable attractions and vibrant live stream activities.

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Download Bunny Live APK, an excellent broadcasting platform. Enjoy exclusive unique activities, easily Livestream with a click, chat with idols, and have a great time.


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