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Aqua Mail Pro
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Download Aqua Mail Pro APK to access an email app with robust features. Get access via a simple interface and use various unique features to manage your emails.

Name Aqua Mail Pro
Version 1.0.34
Updated Sep 5, 2022
Category Business
Developer Aqua Mail

About Aqua Mail

Aquae Mail is an email client that allows you to access various email services from its interface. Th e app is an alternative to Google Mail by providing all the necessary email services via its internet mail protocols such as IMAP, SMTP, and POP3. Hence, it's a platform that allows you to log in and view all the necessary details about your Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, FastMail, and others. Furthermore, you can quickly and conveniently set up all these mail accounts on Aqua Mail.

The app is also big on UI, so there is a simple interface that you can navigate even if you've never used an email services platform before. The app has a similar interface to the Gmail app but has several cards up its sleeves that you'll hardly come across on any other email app. The app also allows you to synchronize with other apps to create a seamless communication channel across multiple platforms

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The app has a full and lite version, depending on how well you want to use the app. These two versions are not free to use but free to download and install on your device. The lite version allows you to access one of your email accounts and will add an Aqua Mail signature on every email you send from the app. However, you can remove this with the full version and get additional services.

This is an excellent app that's compatible with multiple android phones. It's free and was developed by MobiSystems, a reputable software provider. The app supports various languages, so you can interact with it in over 40 languages worldwide. The content rating is for anyone below 3, too, so even kids can access it without supervision.

Why Use Aqua Mail?

Aqua Mail currently has over 5 million downloads on Playstore and a satisfied user base. Check out some of the reasons the app has such a reputation below:

  • Protect your privacy and informant from third-party because Aqua Mail does not store any of your data.
  • Navigate the app easily to get the most out of all available features.
  • Manage multiple accounts on the Aqua Mail app.
  • Make changes to your settings and add clever tweaks to get more out of the app services.
  • Choose between different themes for a more stylish look.
aqua mail pro apk 2022
  • Arrange your mails in folders and unify messages from different accounts.
  • Use the home screen widget to check your various emails at a glance.
  • Delete folders and emails to manage and keep your storage organized.
  • Backup and restore files and settings on various cloud storage options.
  • Sync your email with other device apps.
  • Use battery saver modes to reduce app activities and prolong your battery life.

App Features

Aqua Mail has been around for several years and has many features to back up this experience. You can check out these impressive features below:

User-Friendly Interface

The app has a user-friendly design and layout that allows you to find your way around without guidance from anyone easily. It has some similarities to Google Apps in terms of visuals and layout, so you can rest assured of a simple and responsive interface. You'll be able to find any feature you need quickly, and it's much easier to organize your messages and files on Aqua Mail than on any other alternative. Since you can use this to log into multiple accounts, you'll also be able to move between these accounts with single taps once logged in.

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Aqua Mail considers its users' privacy and security as paramount issues. Therefore, the platform does not collect or store your passwords, messages, emails, or content when you log in to the database. This is because a secure OAUTH2 login process is used here, so anytime you add your account, it will provide an extra layer of security to ensure no third party collects your data or information.

Advanced Features

You'll be able to access several advanced features when you start using Aqua Mail Tor as your email service. Some of these advanced options include:

Smart Folders: This app feature allows you to manage all your messages and create a unified system to save them in order of appearance. You can also decide what should be displayed by the messages when viewed before opening.

Homescreen Widgets: You can add a home screen widget that allows you to glance at the latest messages in your mail.

Rich Text Editors: Use this feature to edit the text font, color, and attachments added to your emails.

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Smartwatch Integration: Integrate your smartwatch with your smartphone and receive direct updates from your emails on the watch.

Backup: Create a backup of all important messages and save them on popular clouds like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.

Battery Saver: Reduce battery consumption from the app and use your phone for longer hours.

App Integrations: You can connect your device to various third-party apps, such as Ligh Flow, Enhanced SMS, Tasker, etc., to better manage all your messages.


The app also allows you to customize the environment however you like. For example, there are three themes to choose from, such as the Dark Theme. You'll also be able to change the settings of how the app looks when you use it. In addition, you can edit features like the swipe function, quick select all, and volume key functions.

Features of Premium Version

aqua mail pro apk
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Create end-to-end encryption for additional protection.
  • Create multiple email identities.
  • Move messages between folders.
  • Get priority notifications.
  • Remove ads.
  • Removed Aqua Mail promo signature.


Email Aqua Mail remains one of the best options if you want to manage all your feature and functions correctly. The app allows you to keep track of every mail you receive in an organized manner and will enable you to customize the features to suit your preference. Download Aqua Mail to join millions of users who enjoy its services worldwide.

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Download Aqua Mail Pro APK to access an email app with robust features. Get access via a simple interface and use various unique features to manage your emails.


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