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Version: 8.8.1
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Download Akinator APK to meet Djinn, the genie, and his magic lamp. Have the genie read your mind, participate in daily challenges, and get awards in this exciting game.

Name Akinator
Version 8.8.1
Updated Jul 15, 2024
Category Entertainment
Developer Elokence SAS


Akinator is a mobile game that introduces players to the genie. If you believe in the genie, you should engage in this game developed by Elokence SAS and released in March 2012. With our smart Genie as the main protagonist, Akinator VIP is quite entertaining. Would you mind creating an account so you can win this engaging game? We can establish an unlimited number of accounts because the game is expanding greatly. Try your hardest in the game to gain a lot of worthwhile lessons.

Game Description

There are 16 languages available on Akinator download free for its numerous gamers worldwide. In addition, the game has recently added the subjects of movies and animals. Users are completely free to try the genie in this cerebral game. You can currently create various accounts to play the game, which helps you store your progress even if you switch mobile devices. Combining caps and clothing will let you alter the appearance of the deity in the game.

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The game keeps getting better. You will have more chances to test the genie now that he has a larger body of knowledge. Users can win various awards in the game, including Black Award, Platinum, and Aki Gold. The game will present players with a wide variety of tasks every day. The player can utilize magic by suggesting a picture or another question in cases where the genie is uncertain because the task is too challenging.

Akinator Gameplay

Akinator is described as a genie with the ability to read people's minds. He will quiz you, and your response will fall into five categories: Probably, Not Probably, Yes, Don't Know, or No. Every response to the genie's inquiry is a level of affirmation. He will compile them, start to analyze them, and start to guess who you are trying to play.

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The game will have you wondering when Akinator will compile enough data to make a decision. Depending on your responses. An information meter is displayed at the bottom of the screen. The level ends when the clock is fully charged, and Akinator responds. But the issue is that if you answer in a disorganized, inconsistent manner, the clock may become loaded or lose information. As a result, levels frequently go on longer and end with an animal's picture rather than a person's.

Features of Akinator

Check out the features in Akinator:

Engage in New Guessing Themes

The new guessing themes in Akinator VIP's latest version are now available for testing and will provide more engaging gameplay. Have so much fun by experimenting with fresh extra themes in addition to the norm of people's names as the genie gets stronger and learns more. Elokence will continue to offer more content, beginning with movies and animals, so players may get even more enjoyment out of the guessing game in Akinator VIP. All of these things ought to make the game much more entertaining.

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Play and Put Your Name on the Hall of Fame

Akinator VIP now offers its intriguing Hall of Fame challenges, enabling you to have more fun with your friends and the world's best players, enhancing your in-game experiences. You can gloat with your friends about your accomplishments or battle each other in the illustrious Hall of Fame ranking, allowing you to put your name on the Last Super Awards. Nevertheless, you'll undoubtedly love the fantastic mobile game.

Explore Different Languages

You may now play the mobile game with your favorite language settings, ensuring that Android players can take advantage of the Akinator VIP download's engaging gameplay even more. Feel free to choose from more than 16 languages and stick with the one you are most familiar with. French, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Indonesian, Arabic, Polish, Hebrew, and more languages can be used to start enjoying the game. With regular updates, the game will keep adding new localization and language fixes to enhance the experience.

Meet Up With Daily Challenges

With the engaging gameplay of Akinator download, which offers a variety of new and novel activities for you to attempt, you may now have more fun. Explore the game's five enigmatic character challenges at your leisure, and play to win magnificent Aki Awards. To earn the Gold Daily Challenge Aki Award, complete your daily challenges.

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As you play, have fun with the blue Genie as he challenges you to think creatively and identify characters that are either very challenging or have been ignored for a long time. You may win the best Aki Awards by taking on these special challenges.

Check Out the Aki Awards Board

In the Akinator premium game, you can review the Aki Award Board any time and boast about your amazing Black, Gold, and Platinum Aki Awards. You can also show off the exciting prizes you earned with your friends as you engage in epic hunts for the Aki Awards.

Customize Your Genie

Akinator no ads now offers a variety of intriguing character customizations so that users may enjoy the intriguing and distinctive in-game experiences even more while playing their guessing game. You may now ask questions from your disco genie guy, transform him into a vampire by dressing him in a dark coat and applying makeup, dress him up as a cowboy, and take advantage of Wild West guessing themes. The list continues. You are welcome to experiment with various outfits and headgear to enhance your enjoyment of Akinator VIP's tailored gameplay.

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Add to the Game

Additionally, if you want to contribute to the game, you can offer several images and queries associated with specific characters. The Akinator team will evaluate your suggestions and decide whether to include them in some responses. As a result, other gamers can play with better and more enjoyable experiences. At the same time, you can advertise your in-game exploits and fully appreciate the mobile game.


Akinator download Android game is exciting and unique for players of all ages. The game allows players to participate in daily challenges and have fun with the blue genie. Enjoy the guessing game and get amazing rewards in Akinator VIP download.

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Download Akinator APK to meet Djinn, the genie, and his magic lamp. Have the genie read your mind, participate in daily challenges, and get awards in this exciting game.


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