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Version: 1.4.0
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Download Zinitevi APK, a streaming application, to watch all the latest popular movies and TV shows. With the long list of options available, you will never get bored!

Name ZiniTevi
Version 1.4.0
Updated Sep 1, 2022
Category Entertainment
Developer ZiniTevi, INC
Google Play Link

An In-Depth Description of Zinitevi

There is a new movie, series, or TV show being released almost every month, and nowadays, people are looking for the best app to sit back, relax, and watch these new releases. From recent titles to the classic oldies, the most important thing is having a free, safe, and secured app to watch your favorite titles.

There are two significant advantages that come with downloading Zinitevi and choosing it to be your go-to app for watching your favorite movies and TV shows. Number one, Zinitevi is a safe and secured app; it is not a scam and is 100% trustworthy. Number two, Zinitevi has a long list and a wide range of movies and TV shows at your disposal.

zinitevi apk

Zinitevi is a free video streaming application with an extensive list of Zinitevi movies and TV shows at your disposal. Users have access to both old and new titles, and the app is relatively easy to navigate and operate. Yes, it is an app you have probably never heard about, but its impressive features guarantee to keep you coming back for more.

When you launch the app, you will first see the 'Boxset Collection' at the topmost part of your screen. This collection has a long list of different Zinitevi movies and film series. There is also a section for popular production companies such as Sony Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, and Dream Works.

The home screen category divides the different Zinitevi movies and TV shows on the app into trending TV shows, trending movies, popular movies, and popular TV shows. This is usually accompanied by the thumbnails of the listed Zinitevi movies and Tv shows. This way, you can easily find whatever you are looking for.

zinitevi apk 2022

Most people find it burdensome and stressful to create an account before using a particular application. Luckily, Zinitevi allows users to go straight to watching their favorite movies and TV shows without the need for a personal account. Also, there is no need for an email registration, which means this app does not need your personal information. So, you can rest assured that the Zinitevi app is safe and secure.

Lastly, the file size of the Zinitevi app is relatively small; you do not need to use much of your data, and it will be a simple, fast process. So, what better way to spend your free time than watching your favorite movies and TV shows on Zinitevi? Download the Zinitevi 2022 app to get the latest updates and features.

Features of Zinitevi

Let us take a look at the different features that make the Zinitevi app worth downloading.

zinitevi apk download

Download Option

What do you do when you want to watch a movie so badly but time does not permit you to do so? Or you will be going to a place with an unstable internet connection but need to finish the series you started. The best decision is to download these movies or TV shows for offline viewing. Zinitevi gives users access to the download option; they can download more than one video for offline streaming.

Organized List

You can always choose to organize the different Zinitevi movies and TV shows you have watched into a list. There is the watched list; you can add movies and TV shows you have watched and will likely want to refer to as time goes on. There is also the favorites list; you can add all your favorite Zinitevi movies, and tv shows that you will surely watch again.

zinitevi apk latest version

A Wide Variety of Options

As stated above, Zinitevi has a long list of movies and TV shows at your disposal; you can access romance, supernatural, comedy, action, thriller, horror, and every other genre you can think of. The app is constantly updated, so you never have to miss out on the newest titles, and if you decide that old movies are your favorite, you can find them there too!


There is no better way to enjoy your favorite Zinitevi moves and TV shows than with subtitles. You can watch movies in a different language and use the subtitle in your language to help you understand better. There is an extended option of other languages and captions that you can choose from when you want to watch a movie. When you use Zinitevi, you will never be restricted to just one language or region.

zinitevi apk mod

If you are a fan of dubbed movies, Zinitevi offers movies dubbed in many languages, including French, Hindi, and Chinese.

  • Video streaming is made easy and stress-free with the Zinitevi app.
  • You can either choose to stream your Zinitevi movies and TV shows or download them for offline viewing.
  • Zinitevi is compatible with several TV platforms, so you can choose to enjoy your movie on a big screen.
  • Zinitevi updates its database daily with new movies.
  • This app has a vast database alongside an advanced search box. It will recommend movies based on your interests, and there are over seventy categories to explore.


The Zinitevi download process has been made super easy. Also, everyone has access to Zinitevi for Android and iOS. Now you know the best way to get rid of your boring moments; download Zinitevi now to access the best movies and TV shows at your disposal.


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