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Titanium TV
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Version: 2.0.23
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Download Titanium TV APK, a user-friendly and free app. Set up a new profile, look for the films in your preferred category, and start viewing without spending a dime.

Name Titanium TV
Version 2.0.23
Updated Oct 14, 2022
Category Entertainment
Developer Titanium TV
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Titanium TV

Thanks to the Internet and smartphones' explosive growth, individuals can browse and enjoy their preferred television series wherever they are, without having to be in front of the TV. Similar to the MovieBox and ShowBox applications, the Titanium TV app will let you view movies for free wherever you are and whenever you want.

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Hundreds of intriguing films and television shows are accessible on Prime Video, Netflix, and More. However, not everybody can afford a monthly registration cost. The cost of subscription packages for these services is excessively high. Titanium TV is a free streaming app, developers have created for users who cannot purchase paid packages.

Description of Titanium TV

You can watch online TV on your mobile using Titanium TV, an app for online TV streaming. You can install this software and start watching your preferred films, Television series, and athletic shows for free in just a few simple clicks.

Titanium TV app for smartphones

The developer additionally incorporates Trakt and Real Debrid as two more file download tools/services. They let users install endless amounts of content quickly while maintaining the actual video's quality. As a result, you will enjoy watching offline movies with the best possible picture quality.

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You do, however, need to be mindful of a few concerns. To start, you need a gadget with a CPU that can produce in-depth graphics in your films and a quality that is high enough. To access files from the two providers, get a third-party VPN program ready.

According to some guidelines, when people watch or save copyright-protected information, these platforms are not to blame for illegal use. Therefore, when downloading content, please boost your privacy and conceal your IP.

Features of Titanium TV app

High-quality movies

Titanium TV delivers online movie clips and films in HD and 4K resolution despite being free software. Since lots of free movie software and other movie apps only enable you to watch in HD resolution, this is unquestionably a perk to look forward to.

Large movie collection

Every week, the creator of the latest movies updates and adds new stuff to Titanium TV's vast content library. There are presently tens of millions of free movies, albums, Television shows, and Television programs available. Are you seeking tragedy, opera, humor, fiction, war, thriller, science fiction, or melodramas? The software's menu, which is shown on the main screen, allows you to search for it.

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Titanium TV consistently recommends upcoming releases, updates, popular programs, and other products. Simply scroll down and select "more" next to a particular genre. Additionally, the program gathers cookies and information from your device to recommend videos and films in the same genre. This tool makes it incredibly easy for you to find new material.

You can also conduct a scan to find the needed content. The Finder on Titanium TV provides numerous possibilities. Search using a keyword or the in-depth filters for genre, nation, and actor.

Simplified user interface

Titanium TV has a simple style, yet it has all the details a user could want to learn about a film or Television show. The categories are displayed lengthwise in the UI. To access more content, swipe left or right or hit "see more."

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With their names and categories, movies are presented as tags. More specific details, including a summary, review, character bio, logo, and teaser, are available when you select the movie. If you've ever used Netflix, you might recognize this.


Nearly all of the episodes and television shows in the collection have native inclusion for subtitles. If you're having trouble understanding the conversation, you can download subtitles to help you out.

Casting Assistance

When you intend to watch a movie or TV show on cast-compatible gadgets linked to a big display, such as a TV, computer, or projector, the cast functionality comes in useful. For everybody to watch a movie, the app can cast it on the TV.

Syncing and Downloading

A premium feature of this app allows users to download films and Television programs directly from the app. You may quickly save your favorite programs from the Titanium TV app if you are traveling to another country and want to watch them later. The TV edition of the software also offers this capability.

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Download your favorite movies on your TV to play later without advertisements if you have a large amount of storage space available.

A further feature is synchronization, which enables users to choose a show that will be saved immediately each time a new season is released.


The main function of this app is this. Because of the poorly placed and irritating adverts, many users detest free apps. Advertisements are also readily shown on premium TV channels. The exception is Titanium TV. The app and the breaks between the performances are free of ads. Titanium TV is a free app that provides an amazing ad-free experience.

How to set up the Titanium TV app

  • To begin, download Titanium TV from a different website, as it is not listed in the Google Play store. The best option is to get it from the Titanium website.
  • Modify security settings to allow the installation of programs from untrusted sources.
  • To install it, simply find the saved file and select open.
  • The software will be installed shortly, and you can start using it.
titanium tv apk free download


One of the finest apps if you prefer watching films and television shows on your mobile are Titanium TV's most recent version, which is available for free. It provides unlimited access to hundreds of television channels, films, television shows, reality shows, and other forms of entertainment. You can watch anything in HD streaming resolution without spending a dime. In addition to these things, its enormous database will wow you with its incredible features. Stop waiting right now. Get it right away for no cost and enjoy it.

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Download Titanium TV APK, a user-friendly and free app. Set up a new profile, look for the films in your preferred category, and start viewing without spending a dime.


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