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Perfect Me
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Download Perfect Me APK, an excellent photo and video editing app that allows you to add all kinds of effects to your image and video - making them better than before.

Name Perfect Me
Version 8.2.2
Updated Mar 18, 2023
Category Entertainment
Developer ryzenrise
Google Play Link com.accordion.perfectme

An In-Depth Description of Perfect Me

A great image and video editor with unlimited body and face editing app is Perfect Me - Face Editor and Body Retouch. The app can be used to modify your body's features for a slimmer, more attractive appearance. Additionally, you may give the image accurate tattoos, long legs, and tight abs.

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A slimmer face, a higher nose, and larger eyes should also be improved. Flawless skin, light lips, and full lips are simple to achieve.  We have been developing steadily for decades and are now a full-featured portrait editing app. You might obtain your Instagram beauty right now with a few easy taps! It is a fantastic face-shrinking tool for photographers, and Perfect Me app reviews have been increasing.

Features of Perfect Me

Users can retouch their body details and reshape their body features with the editor. Here are the features you would find in Perfect Me premium:

Waist slimmer: With the editor, your waist can be slender and trim. There are several features of a body scanner that can make you appear amazing in a swimsuit as a sexy photo editor app.

Leg and abs beautifier: For sexy long legs and abs, try using the editor. Using the beauty snapshot, you can become the star of your picture. You can also get the perfect 6-pack abs by adding muscles to your abs.

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Reshape: You may quickly reshape whatever spot you wish. It is the ideal physique shape editor for ladies; it is simple to emulsify your face. Add creative typefaces and tattoos. Make sure your Instagram photo is great.

Face Beautifier

Get rid of acne and smoothen your skin: Expert facial editor and smoother. Amazing pimple extractor that you may use to touch up and edit photos. Acne no longer warrants concern.

Skin painting: This aids in tuning the skin and correcting it. Your skin will be highlighted by sparkly painting, making the selfie look amazing. The makeover photo editor has additional options that you can use.

Adjust the features: Your grin and lips can benefit from teeth-whitening software. It's simple to develop a higher nasal bridge and easily shape your brows to perfection. Use the face animator to brighten the edited lips and eyes. You can alter your look to your liking using the fantastic nose and face shape editors. Visit us to test out the best face app.

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Facelifting: Ensure sure your face is sleek, tight, and small. Tone down your face and become an expert at addressing facial issues. To assist you to fix up your face, let's envision you. You may use it as a simulation of cosmetic surgery to assist you to remodel your body and face.

Video Editing

A new video editing feature has been incorporated into the editor. In films, you may simply retouch your face, remodel your figure, and trim your waist and legs. You might appear tall in clips and have smoother skin as a result. Attempted using the wrinkle remover to lighten your eyes and whiten your teeth. You may try filters and other video editing tools right now.

Photo Beautifier

Attractive filters can be added to enhance your photos. You can attain insta beauty with this wonderful beauty editor. Perfect your selfies and photos every day of the year. Glam up your face by adding stickers like glasses, a hat, and a flush.  You may instantly swap out the backdrops in your photo and blur any undesired subjects, including faces and objects. Select the style hues to modify your hair's color. You may test the hair styling app right now.

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Photo Adjustments

Use stickers with a variety of themes for your images in the Perfect Me download. Your image will receive extra likes if the 365 trends are right. Share photographs on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, by cropping them to the dimensions required by the various social networking platforms. There are several collage designs to merge and embellish numerous photos.

User-friendly Interface

The best user interface is provided by Perfect Me. Nearly every sidebar will be visible on your phone screen, and using it is simple. It produces incredibly satisfying results right away, just with some basic actions. Additionally, you may directly save the edited photo to your phone

Be a Supermodel

Nice legs, a thin waist, and an elegant body. Who wouldn't enjoy them? However, the online life isn't going to wait for you as the incomplete gym workouts continue to be fiercely followed, and the daily meal plan is not fully in action.

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Therefore, it goes without saying that in order to achieve the aim of leading a virtual lifestyle, one must be "very" gorgeous in every stance. If you share my thoughts, you are invited to use Perfect Me's robust "Body Editing" feature set. Download Perfect Me's body shaping capabilities are so potent and sophisticated that you occasionally wish you were the subject of the edited image.

The following straightforward procedures can be used to reduce the waistline, raise the initial round, let the third round float, stroke the legs so that they're long and slender, add core muscles, put tattoos wherever on your body, and slim your arms. Therefore, you will achieve a beautiful body in a moment. You can comfortably post right now on any social network and start "hunting" for likes.


The most significant orthopedic app ever used is called download Perfect Me premium. It alters all features of the body and face and is entirely compatible with any photo editing software, from simple to sophisticated (background change, filters, collages, effects, stickers). It is indeed important for you guys to truly glow online.


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