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Nova Desktop
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Download Nova Desktop APK from miHoYo, a program that creates moving screen backgrounds. Awaken the lovely Lumi and enjoy an amazing experience with a live background.

Name Nova Desktop
Updated Apr 28, 2024
Category Entertainment
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Nova Desktop

On your desktop and smartphone, are you sick of the standard wallpapers? It brings you to a highly distinctive mobile backdrop app. The Nova Desktop software is that.

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With a touch of your finger, meet Lumi whenever and wherever you are. The charming digital persona Lumi is featured in the realistic live wallpaper program N0va Desktop. Enjoy engaging live backgrounds, keep up with all of Lumi's new updates, and carry Lumi with you on your smartphone where your activities may take you.

Description of Nova Desktop

For desktops and Android mobile devices, there is Nova Desktop. It was created by the Chinese company miHoYo. The phone version was recently published on December 17, while the PC edition has been available since early August. As a result, you can utilize waifu films as your wallpaper thanks to this program. The description that follows provides more information about this program.

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Who is Waifu?

You will no longer be surprised to hear the name Waifu if you are an anime lover. You are ignorant. If you are unfamiliar with the term, waifu is a fictional wife that appears in animation or comics. The word "wife" is the basis of the term waifu. Today, a waifu is a female figure from a comic or anime that you enjoy and always keep in mind. You can also use a beautiful digital lady as a background on Nova Desktop.

Meet Lumi

Users of the N0va Desktop will get access to Lumi, a real Waifu girl. This girl has highly unique reactions and tasks on the home screen that are sure to excite you. In addition to her alluring translucent dresses, Lumi's body is undeniably quite desirable. Wake her up so you can admire it each day to relieve your stress from reality.

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N0va Desktop operates in a manner akin to that of the majority of current wallpaper programs. Users simply only choose the motion picture as the dynamic wallpaper to make the desktop change right away. Of course, you have to make it your phone's desktop to meet Lumi. To keep Lumi looking attractive and young, you can change her clothes.

Features of the Nova Desktop

Unique wallpaper

In essence, Nova Desktop is similar to any other wallpaper software. You can select videos to use as an active background for your desktop or smartphone. You will be "taken" by a charming online wife through this app. Of course, this girl's figure is hot in attention-grabbing attire.

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If you're single, you can think of this application's primary character as your wife. You can meet your sweetheart anytime you want if you put it as your background. Sometimes, simply being around her will help you to relax and unwind. Simply install N0va Desktop to see the lovely "wife" in your choice of several beautiful wallpapers.

Various wallpaper options

You have a lot of alternatives for animated backgrounds right now on Nova Desktop. You can select from 2 categories of wallpapers in this software. Both sound and no sound are present in the backdrop image. You cannot use these wallpapers as standard wallpapers because they lack sound. And for your enjoyment, the surround audio will be mixed with the song. Additionally, the concepts on each of these wallpapers are diverse.

Go to options and install your preferred collection of wallpapers to update your background image. You can select from a variety of wallpaper sets that are available for download at any time. In addition, the creator will release several fresh themes and stunning new films in subsequent releases.

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Two platforms are supported

Currently, N0va Desktop only works with Windows and Android operating systems. Therefore, downloading and using this application on iPhones requires some waiting time. Of course, Android users can download the app and use it right away on their devices. We promise that using it won't cost you a penny and damage your gadget.

Additionally, for some heavy and mid-range Mobile phones or PCs, we advise using N0va Desktop. The live wallpapers won't function correctly and cause delays if the device setting is not ensured.

Downloading N0va Desktop videos from the web is another option to utilize this software. Use it as your device's background after that to make everything run much more smoothly.

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Simple and vibrant interface

To make user interaction easier, N0va Desktop aspires to a straightforward UI design without crowding the screen with too many function buttons. This is acceptable considering that this program only uses the current video as a phone device's background. Additionally, this app's color scheme is stunning. You'll undoubtedly feel more creative after using it for the first time.

Several gorgeous outfits

Our girl Lumi not only moves in different ways but also has numerous lovely costumes. From quirky to adorable, the clothing is diverse. You can wear whatever you want. You won't be able to look away from the amazing vision in front of you because of this and the rich stories that accompany it.

View the wallpaper for amusement

Viewing these live backgrounds can help you unwind if you are feeling anxious or exhausted. Lumi will go forward with a smile on her face to swiftly lift your mood. Say farewell to the boring standard backgrounds and hello to the sweet Lumi wallpapers.

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Nova Desktop's Latest version

A multipurpose software that can be used as a dynamic background and pleasure at any time and any location. You won't be able to take your gaze away from the adorableness of these animated wallpapers. Get the latest release to make the new background more lovely and vibrant.


Nova Desktop is a wallpaper program for animated film fans. This application will especially appeal to single men. You can currently download Nova Desktop on your laptop or Mobile device.

Please note that this program is appropriate for high- and mid-range setup PCs and tablets. The application will operate pretty stiffly if your computer is weak.

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Download Nova Desktop APK from miHoYo, a program that creates moving screen backgrounds. Awaken the lovely Lumi and enjoy an amazing experience with a live background.


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