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Download Flightradar24 APK to keep track of aircraft data. Use the app as a commercial flight radar to access real-time data about flights and airports worldwide.

Name Flightradar24
Version 9.20.0
Updated Apr 18, 2024
Category Travel & Local
Developer Flightradar24 AB
Google Play Link com.flightradar24free

About Flightradar24

Flightradar24 is one of the most popular flight tracking apps in the world. It was recently launched in 2022 and has become quite sensational since its release. Users can interact with the app in more than 9 languages, and with over 50 million downloads on Google Playstore, Flightradar24 is set to have impressive stats on the internet.

The app allows Android and iPhone users to check out commercial planes and keep track of their flight time and routes anytime they want. In addition, the app will enable users to uniquely identify each flight on the screen and know which of them they are following.

flightradar24 apk

Although the app has limited features for the demo version, users can check the time of departure, arrival, and destination of the flight. You'll also see the plane's model in a real-time 3D view. In addition, the platform uses a fantastic technology that makes it possible to search for specific flights, zoom in on the maps and get a better view of different flight routes.

The app's full version also offers loads of other features, contributing to Flightradar24 huge successes since its release. Some of the extra information is useful for people who know more about the technical aspects of flights. So, they can filter searches by the plane's altitude, airline, and speed.

How It Works

There is much technology behind the app, and many users have been unsure how the information is available in real-time. The app works by connecting with aircraft and pulls the information from these sources. Luckily for the developers, every aircraft designed in modern times have ADS-B transponders that send positional data to the airport.

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So, with over 20,000 ground stations worldwide, Flightradar24 collects this data and displays it in real-time to users viewing the plane. It's also possible to calculate the position of planes without ADS-B transponders using multilateration technology.

Why Use the App?

  • View airplane flights around the world in real-time.
  • Access flight overhead and other information such as the photo of the actual aircraft and where it's coming from.
  • Get a direct view of what the client sees in a 3D view.
  • Check other flight information such as route, arrival and departure time, aircraft type and speed, etc.
  • You can check out the historical data of flights and watch playback of past flights.
  • Connect the app with your Apple Watch to check all the flights in the air in your area.
  • You can quickly narrow searches to identify flights by time, altitude, etc.


Downloading Flightradar24 lets you discover the benefits of using flight trackers and why millions of users use the app monthly. Check out some of the app's features below:

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Real-time Data

Flightradar24 uses the latest ADS-B transponder and Multilateration technology to discover the exact location of any aircraft in real-time. The company has thousands of stations (up to 20,000) on the ground across the globe to keep track of this information and make it available to users via the app in real-time. There are many such data to handle, and they must be as accurate as possible, which is why there are so many ground stations.

3D View

Without leaving your current location, you can have a peek at what the pilots see during a flight. Although this night seems like a boring feature, it still has a record of many users using it. Rather than seeing the plane's current location, you can check a 3D view of what the airplane's view looks like, and it's a cool feature if the aircraft is not that high up in the sky.

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Search Functionality

There are many search entries to make when looking for a specific flight. Rather than guess at different flights with similarities, you can specify certain information about the flight and get accurate real-time results of each airplane that fit into this information. Some search filters include the flight number, speed, altitude,  airport, airline, or destination of the flight.

Flight Information

A series of information is available for different flights at a particular airport. Once you know how to find the flight, you can check out its past or intended route, estimated arrival time, time of departure from all the airports, the aircraft type, and specific details about its model. You'll also be able to see the speed, altitude, and a high-resolution photo of the actual aircraft (if available).

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Historical Data

You can also access the historical data from the airport. These can include the airport's activities over the last few days or be specific to an aircraft's data. So, if an airplane has been on a flight in the past few days, you'll be able to access its data such as routes, speed, altitude, etc. You'll also be able to access the playback video of the past flights on the app if you've narrowed it down to a specific airplane.

AR View

This feature is an intelligent way to locate flights or airplanes around you. Although it's unsure how useful this feature can be, it lets users find out which flights are nearby. So with the AR view, you can point your device to any direction in the sky and get data on flights currently in your environment.

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Airport Details

You can access any information about a specific airport when you use flightradar24. By tapping on the airport icon, you'll access important flight information such as arrival and departure boards, flight status, number of available aircraft on the ground, current delay stats for flights that run into issues, and detailed weather conditions of various locations around the world.


Flightradar24 is a powerful flight tracker with exceptional features. The app accurately provides data on real-time plane locations and movement. In addition, users can zoom in on the map to see absolute clarity on the flight routes that connect countries and continents. There is a free and paid version; while the free version gives access to the basic features, the paid version grants access to special features.

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Download Flightradar24 APK to keep track of aircraft data. Use the app as a commercial flight radar to access real-time data about flights and airports worldwide.


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