Car Launcher Pro
Car Launcher Pro
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Download Car Launcher Pro APK for driving to display a variety of tracking tools, including GPRS, weather, and Google Maps. Make your driving more convenient with a car launcher.

Name Car Launcher Pro
Updated Dec 30, 2023
Category Auto & Vehicles
Developer apps lab studio
Google Play Link com.autolauncher.motorcar

Car Launcher pro

Car Launcher is a tool designed specifically for use in vehicles. The Car Launcher is one of the best Android apps available on the Google Play store and is renowned for its intriguing features. The combination of the app's abilities sets it apart from other accessible car launchers.

With Car Launcher Pro, all programs and applications are launched with a single press of the Home button. Add as many programs to the widget section on the car if there is space in your memory. View, organize, and display programs in a simple, understandable way.

car launcher pro apk

In the car launcher pro latest version, you can edit, rename, transfer, or eliminate current programs. Display all tracking tools for the vehicle at once, including GPRS, radio, weather, Google Maps, etc. Car launcher pro makes it convenient to combine the use of other items, which would usually be in a separate location everyone who drives, whether they are professionals or not, needs this feature.

Car Launcher pro description

The car launcher is the best vehicle launcher app made simple to use while driving. The Car Launcher Pro app gives you a more straightforward method to use your phone and calculates how far you can go before stopping. The app is also available on Android-powered smartphones, tablets, and other devices that can all utilize the app.

car launcher pro apk free download

Installing the Car Launcher Pro is necessary if you find using your smartphone in the car to be a bit of a hassle. You must grant access to receive GPS data in the background for the car launcher android to work; you can quickly discover how to set the vehicle audio launcher to open by clicking on the main home screen with the aid of the Car Launcher Pro option.

 Additionally, you may control apps and alter how they appear on the displays so you can access them easily. The car launcher allows adding many applications to the main screen. The car launcher displays the trip's specifics, including the distance and other factors. To do this, pull toward the right edge of the screen or press the rounded-off button to open a menu slide. You can arrange a menu slide; however, it is most practical.

 This slide has menus showing the best time and speed for arriving at a specific distance, the maximum speed, a reasonable distance, and the average rate. It also offers the overall operating time and the acceleration from 0 to 60 and 0 to 100 kilometers per hour. Car launcher 2022 can also drop details of the journey at any moment.

For each of the given factors, it is possible to specify the time at which information should be displayed: while on vacation, today, in a week, in a month, or at all times. The option to change whether the speed is displayed in miles or kilometers, The option to change whether the rate is shown in miles or kilometers is displayed on car launcher pro.

car launcher pro apk latest version

Car launcher pro starts up when the gadget is turned on (it is necessary only for radio tape recorders). The main screen displays the weather, Your location information, provided there is an internet connection.

Use Car Launcher Pro for your car sound. Car launcher pro will let you know information about your current location on a map. Car launcher pro takes care of changing the wallpaper's color or adding new wallpaper for you with just a few clicks.

Features of Car launcher pro

Amazing menu option

A menu slide is provided from the onboard system. To open a menu slide, press the button with rounded corners. The menu option allows you to adjust the screen brightness based on the time of day.

Screen saver options

The screen saver has many options, including various prototypes for a selected item, different font styles, a range of date formats, and a chance to alter everyone's size and colour match. The car launcher also provides an opportunity to eliminate unnecessary elements such as screen data and diminished brightness during business hours.

Assistance with system widgets

Car Launcher's expanded selection of widgets includes visualizing, analogue clock, speedometer, address widget - Travel time - Top speed - 60 km/h acceleration from 0 km/h. Car launcher pro for Android supports many extra screens that display a chance to space, extend, remove, move, and add several actions to a single widget.

car launcher pro full apk

You can stretch, delete, move, add multiple actions to one widget, lock the start button when you click a device, change a widget's name and text size, change a widget's backdrop, etc.

Status bar options

It displays the excellent distance and other information. On the list of all programs, there are a quick call option and quick start custom launcher icons. Update the information travelling options to show the speed in use

The travel menu option shows the current speed, the reasonable distance, the average rate, the operating duration in general, the maximum speed, and the acceleration from 0 to 60, 100, and 150 km/h.

Time options

In car launcher pro 2022, you may prioritize the timing for showing specifications for each time bound for a trip. The time includes today, a week, a month, or all of the time. You will receive a variety of options that you may use to change the app's default settings in addition to the trip information and other launcher themes. The main screen will show the weather information with an internet connection.

car launcher pro apk download

The never-ending scrolling, edit of the grid's number of applications, and Bend side - Flex angle make the car launcher a good choice.


The Car Launcher pro is designed to launch, combine, and be fully controlled from a mobile platform while in the car. Consider both the trip parameters measurement option and the launcher app. In addition to having a distinctive launcher, the Car Launcher Pro allows you to explore the various aspects of each journey inside the app.

Using a car launcher pro is as simple as holding the phone, sliding, and getting the automobile when it moves. Having an incomprehensible touch screen or complicated start-up selections is not necessary. The phone is used for everything.

car launcher pro apk 2022

Overall, Car launcher 2022 has an outstanding performance and a good response time. You can accomplish more with Car Launcher Pro than you may realize. Click on car launcher pro free download to start using.

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Download Car Launcher Pro APK for driving to display a variety of tracking tools, including GPRS, weather, and Google Maps. Make your driving more convenient with a car launcher.


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