Android Auto
Android Auto
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Version: 11.5.641044-release
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Download Android Auto APK, a smart driving companion that uses Google Assistant to keep you entertained and connected. Displays apps to help you concentrate.

Name Android Auto
Version 11.5.641044-release
Updated Apr 9, 2024
Category Auto & Vehicles
Developer Google LLC

Android Auto

The possibility to build a complete infotainment system in a car via an audio-visual link between smartphones is a feature of Android Auto 2022. Using a USB cable designed for the car, a linked smartphone is connected to the infotainment system. The software appears to be a refined version of whatever mobile a user utilizes, making it simple to place calls, find locations on a map, play music, and use any other third-party apps. Only Android Lollipop 5.0 and higher are supported by the app.

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Android Auto is free software to download, but you should know it is a data-heavy service. This helps to improve the operation of features reliant on the data network, which will have an effect on the transmission and the rapid use of data allotment on the smartphones in use.

Description of Android Auto

Android Auto is a Google app that allows users to coordinate work across their phones and autos. When driving, use your phone to track your workflow, play music, and complete different things. With this official Google software, you can upgrade your car to the point where it resembles a future car from a science fiction film.

Actually, Android Auto won't convert your automobile but it will implement your Android phone with your car and provide you access to all the controls you need, like sound control, reminders, and an address book.

The market's leading automakers support this technology. There are currently roughly 30 brands that allow you to utilize Android Auto. The Android Auto app is helpful. Although it doesn't turn your car into a future vehicle, the copilot is cool.

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You can sync the music and navigation apps on your phone with the display screen in your car using the Android Auto app. It makes it simple to utilize Google Maps on the dashboard, allowing the driver to operate the vehicle hands-free. The factory-installed display system in your automobile coexists with Android Auto. Your Android phone provides the power.

If you have the most recent or cutting-edge automotive infotainment systems, your Android Auto performance will be improved. Android Auto lets you communicate with your vehicle.

Reduce distractions

Android Auto provides custom Do Not Disturb settings to reduce the dangers of using applications and being distracted while driving. Of course, the rule still applies: avoid being distracted while driving as much as possible. If you must use an application like Android Auto, use it only when necessary.

android auto 2022

Please be aware that running Android Auto, your device will be inactive and won't function until the app is switched off. Additionally, your phone must be internet-connected and run Android 6.0 or higher.

Features of Android Auto

Easy interface

Each feature of Android Auto may be used quickly—almost with just one touch. This makes sense given that the purpose of the app is to keep you entertained, connected, and focused while driving.

To do this, the design created for Android Auto is different from the icons you typically see on your Android phone. At the bottom of the screen are large, straightforward icons that display all of the services, including maps, phones, work activities, and listening.

Vehicle directions

Android Auto is a responsive directions finder and navigator. Additionally, this Android Auto function allows you to add new locations to a list of locations you frequently visit. With just one touch, each location is visible on the main screen. Android Auto also features an onscreen keyboard so you can halt the vehicle and type words when you need to discover any location while driving.

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With real-time GPS navigation, traffic alerts, or Google Maps, Android Auto can assist you in reaching your location. This functionality is comparable to the device's built-in GPS applications, so you might want to think about switching to an app in place of the entire system to reduce distractions while driving.

As a result, you can reduce numerous risks when driving because Android Auto's map is constantly updated with info about the path and dangers.

Phone functions

Similar to the above feature, Android Auto's phone interface is displayed on a big, organized screen. You may swiftly place a call or quickly answer an incoming call with one click. The speaker and microphone setup in your car will determine the call's volume.

Additionally, this feature constantly shows Contact details on the device so you may choose who to call right away.

Playing music while driving

Google Music is available through Android Auto for use in vehicle audio. Android will provide you with a moment of soft, personal enjoyment in the car with just a single touch thanks to networks and quick access to your favorite apps like Soundcloud, Tunein, podcasts, Google Music, Apple Music, SiriusXM, TIDAL - High-Resolution Streaming Music, Myspace Music, and Deezer.

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You can use your riding period to brush up on news, listen to podcasts, and listen to your preferred radio channels thanks to the support for a range of songs, radio, sports news, and podcast.

Coordination of effort

You can complete some work-related tasks, such as setting appointments, updating news, and checking urgent emails, with the aid of Android Auto's Google Assistant. Additionally, you can use Google Assistant to exchange information via SMS, Google talk, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Snapchat, Kik, G Allo, and different other messaging services.

Benefits of Android Auto

Enhanced DND

You may ignore all calls and spam messages with the upgraded DND feature so that you can concentrate on driving.

Shadow Mode

The theme can be changed between Light and Dark modes. On the other hand, if your dashboard is dark, you should choose the dark route.

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View the Timeline

Review the routes and highways you've taken recently as well as your recent tours.

One Tap Records

With just one click, start the music through Dash. You can choose a genre from the available music library and shuffle the playlist to make it that way.

Voice assistance

Working with a voice assistant is possible while driving. The assistant can perform simple tasks like setting the volume, the brightness, the spoken navigation, and the speed limit.


More than 400 distinct automobile models are currently supported with Android Auto, and it will grow in the future. You must first visit the site or car shop for the list of motors that allow this application. When utilizing Android Auto for the first time, connect your phone to your car via a USB cable before you can use it and take advantage of its features.

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Download Android Auto APK, a smart driving companion that uses Google Assistant to keep you entertained and connected. Displays apps to help you concentrate.


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