Slay the Spire
Slay the Spire
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Version: 2.3.15
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Download Slay the Spire APK to enjoy an adventure game for lovers of card games. Defeat many enemies as you reach the top of the Spire, playing the right cards.

Name Slay the Spire
Version 2.3.15
Updated Apr 4, 2024
Category Card
Developer Humble Games
Google Play Link com.humble.SlayTheSpire

All you need to know about Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire is like no other game; that is none out there. It combines the gameplay of a 'roguelike' and a deck builder to produce a spectacular game. It is no surprise that this game has fascinated a lot of gamers today as it has thousands of active players today. This game was first released for PC owners, including Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linus, in 2017. It was officially released for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox one in May, June, and August 2019, respectively. The versions for iOS and Android devices didn't come until 2020 and 2021. It was launched by both Mega Crit Games and Humble Bundle.

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Slay the Spire is a strategic video game where your actions are determined by the type of cards you play. Imagine the cards you possess gives you the power to fight evil bosses? That's pretty neat. You must get to the top of the Spire as you go through three acts. As you proceed to each floor, craft an unrivaled deck, meet with dangerous creatures and monsters, and discover gems that possess unimaginable power. This game is about how well you can survive, how good you are at collecting cards and how creative you are at crafting a powerful deck to slay your enemies.


With such a fascinating name, it has fascinating gameplay. The point of the game is to get to the top of the Spire. However, the whole game is about what you encounter on your way to the Spire and how you deal with those challenges. The Spire has 16 floors total, and you must move from floor to floor, room to room.

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The game has three Acts, and four if you can acquire the keys. By beginning the game, you've begun the first act (Act 1). You advance to the next act by following a map. This map leads you to the boss of that act, and closer to the highest boss. Once you complete the map by getting to the top, you'll fight a boss. Once you win, you unlock Act 2. Completing Act 3 means finishing off the final boss.


Just like any adventure game, there are characters you can choose from. In Slay the Spire, there are four major characters you can play with. These are Ironclad, Silent, Defect, and Watcher.

- Ironclad: He is a fierce soldier that possesses powerful strikes and defense options. He harnesses demonic energies to empower himself

- Silent: She is a huntress of the foglands. She possesses daggers and poisons to weaken and defeat her enemies. She receives them with tricks to avoid their attacks

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- Defect: It is one of the ancient technology of automation that became self-aware. Now, he has lots of powers and uses the orbs to defeat his enemies

- Watcher: She is a monk that attacks her enemies just by the position she takes when standing. She is also good in mid-combat card generation.

Although you can choose these characters, when you begin the game, you only have access to Ironclad. As you continue to climb the Spire, you can gain more points. Once you die with enough points, you can unlock other characters. The next character you can unlock is Silent. The more characters you unlock, the more powerful cards you possess in your deck.

Deck of Cards

To deal with these challenges or enemies, you must use cards. Different cards depend on what you want to achieve or how you want to defeat the enemy. Some cards cause serious injuries to the enemies, some weaken the enemy, and some protect you with armor. The different types of cards are the ironclad cards, the silent cards, the defect cards, the watcher cards, the colorless cards, the status cards, and the curse cards

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The combat style of Slay the Spire is turn-based, just like playing a game of cards. You have time to draw and place your cards; after then, it's your opponent's turn to play his cards. There are costs attached to these cards, and this is energy. Energy is essential to continue playing this game. If your energy level gets exhausted, your turn ends, allowing the enemy to play.

Powerful Relics

There are powerful items you can possess to boost or increase the damage you give your enemies. These powerful items are called Relics and can be found everywhere in the Spire. They enhance your deck and its effects. These effects do not wear off during combat and even after. You also get to increase your maximum hit points, the number of cards you draw, and the energy you have for each turn. However, these relics are very expensive to get.

Ever-changing Map Locations

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As you move higher in the Spire, the layout or location changes each time. You get to choose the path you desire. These paths have different enemies to face, different cards to choose from, different relics to discover, and different and fight different bosses. It's only for you to decide. There are seven different map locations in Slay the Spire. These are the Rest site, The enemy, the Unknown Location, the Merchant, the Treasure Room, and the Elite.


Slay the Spire is an excellent and fascinating game that combines the thrill of roguelike games with card games. It is twice the fun. You can climb up the Spire, see different rooms, meet with different enemies, fight different bosses, unlock different relics, and play different characters. Do you have what it takes to play the right cards? To defeat your enemies? To defeat your bosses? To unlock the last Act? Discover how long you can survive playing with danger lurking at the corner.

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Download Slay the Spire APK to enjoy an adventure game for lovers of card games. Defeat many enemies as you reach the top of the Spire, playing the right cards.


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