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Download and install Room Planner APK to create and design a dream home. This app is developed for those who want to design their homes themselves.

Name Room Planner
Version 1189
Updated Apr 18, 2024
Category House & Home
Developer iCanDesign LLC
Google Play Link com.icandesignapp.all

Description of Room Planner

Room Planner was developed and published by iCanDesign LLC (USA). This app is an interior decorator that can help you develop your 3D floorplan and select a suitable design plan for your home. This app is interesting and detailed; its functions include selecting furniture from the warehouse of Ikea, assembling the furniture, and finally designing the house. The finished work can be a blueprint for the contractor helping you plan your house's interior decoration. You can achieve this with just a simple operation you can perform on your mobile device.

Designing Interior Decoration and 3D Floorplan

Almost everyone hopes to possess a house of their own someday – a place they can call a real home that belongs to them. And they would prefer a streamlined, scientifically placed house with the perfect colour tone.

room planner home design 3d

This app can assist in developing that dream gradually while you are still hustling hard to make your house dream come true. Room Planner can serve as excellent equipment for you to begin the preparation to build a new home.

Create Your Dream House from 3D Floorplan

This app is created from the idea generated from modern home decoration and design methods, assisting you in recreating the processes needed to construct a home. Beginning with the user's details concerning the number of rooms intended to be made, the number of floors, the house layout, the area, and some added requirements, the app will provide a couple of suggestions for similar 3D plans. For example, you can select a floorplan that has already been made available and customise more stuff into it based on your preference.

After finishing the floorplan, the app will identify some more user requests, including partitioning, gloss, color scheme, and the house's perspective.

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When you are okay with the general planning of each room, you will proceed to the most interesting and important aspect of the decoration – choosing a home and furniture decoration. Then you will be taken into an interior realm with over 5000 items from Ikea's product portfolio to select and freely save in your collection. Room Planner 3D is a design app with simulations, so you require no request to use the items. All you have to do is to drag the item and place it in the provided basket.

Intuitive and Easy Home Decoration

You are probably reluctant about downloading this app because you probably do not have any experience in decorating a home or how to choose the right furniture. However, you have nothing to worry about. Room Planner 3D has a massive storage of themes designed with modern interior styles, room functions, and colours. You can follow the ideas in this library or select a blueprint from which you can make your custom style. Then you can begin redesigning using an empty room.

There are two manners you can perform this:

  • The first way is to select the furniture you want, select your chosen theme, and the app will blend these two selections and provide the proper suggestion.
  • The second way is to begin with, the interior decoration, then purchase furniture after you have visualised everything. If you select this, the app will proactively provide a list of items that match the existing idea space. At this point, you have to put it in your basket or make a few changes to a few things if you are not comfortable with it.
room planner home design 3d

The furniture is provided. The room is empty. You have adjusted the idea. You can next begin establishing the ideas, setting up the furniture in the room, and making everything real.

With just a touch and some buttons, you will be able to complete the design of each room within minutes. Then, after you have put everything in place but are still unsatisfied, you can just reset the furniture or change the angles until you are okay with it.

You can decide to show a room already completely designed with a 2D photo or 3D version and from several angles. Then you can observe everything at any time of the day, such as how it would look when night falls, or the sun is shining. You can also share this finished work with your relatives, friends, or contractors who help in the house's decoration and construction to carefully understand your ideas and what you want.

Important Things to Note When Using Room Planner 3D

Before installing and using the special app, there are a few things you first have to understand:

  • This app will allow you a free trial, and you must register through an account on Google Play. You will be charged a usage fee once you have confirmed your purchase.
  • If you intend to only use Room Planner 3D for a limited time, do not forget to disable Auto-Renew (make sure you do this about 24 hours before the deadline).
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  • This app is not affiliated, supported or sponsored by Ikea. All the furniture you will come across in Room Planner 3D has been licensed from Inter IKEA Systems B.V. To ensure that people don't think this is an advertisement stunt.
  • Finally, you need basic visualisation and understanding of the house's major parameters in your design dream. You will be asked to provide this information as you use the app. The more detailed and accurate the plan is, the quicker and more possible the floorplan will appear with the right intentions.

Get Ideas from Others

When you have chosen the room, you intend to adjust from My Rooms, and this app will provide you with two options: begin with a white room and refer to a certain idea. For the first option, you will see a room in 2D view and begin to carry out your editing. The second choice will provide you with several ideas the app suggests, and you will select the one you desire. That can be the basis you need to edit your room and ultimately design your house.


With this app, you can easily bring your dream of creating a new home for yourself and your family to life. This app allows you to design your house exactly how you want it, not as suggested by any contractor. It's your taste that matters.

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Download and install Room Planner APK to create and design a dream home. This app is developed for those who want to design their homes themselves.


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