College Life Game
College Life Game
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Download College Life Game, an 18+ simulation game of Nutaku. Get into this game to experience the college life of female students. Uncover surprises as you play.

Name College Life Game
Version 2.0.2
Updated Oct 19, 2022
Category Casual
Developer Nutaku
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College Life Game

Publisher Nutaku has a ton of intriguing material. Their NSFW works, such as Booty Calls, 7 Angels, Booty Farm, and Fap CEO, have brought them considerable popularity. Because of this, College Life has drawn a lot of interest and gotten good reviews ever since it was published. Even though it isn't a brand-new game anymore, College Life is nevertheless adored by many players today. Additionally, you can set it up on our website.

Game Description

Players will enter the setting of a university in College Life 2020, where they can change into regular schoolgirls and begin their own lives. Additionally, the principal of the school was abruptly replaced. He is a very odd individual who always attempts to dominate the female students at school and tries to extort them using murky rules.

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An event involving a female student and the rapid principal change at her university is described in College Life. The new principal is an oddo who is constantly looking for methods to control the girls and dismiss them from the institution. When the girl's closest friend risks expulsion due to a similar circumstance, she chooses to act to support her buddy and expels the bad principle from the institution.

College Life Gameplay

Despite being rated 18+, College Life's gameplay is quite reminiscent of life simulation games. The focus, however, is on the differences in the university environments for male and female students. You can pick a character to role-play and gradually delve into her life, from her home life to her everyday activities to her time at school.

Nevertheless, College Life's gameplay is highly captivating. The system provides a task list. Through a tracking board, you may test them and put them into action. They are also rather easy, such as making a poster to locate a missing dog, visit a friend's home, purchase an item, or acquire new property.

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The tale develops as you complete additional tasks. You might then assume the identity of another character. You can see the characters you are controlling in the right-hand corner of the screen. To transform, you only need to touch the matching character. They each have their own lives and responsibilities to fulfill. You will earn a reward for completing a quest, and numerous new resources and locations will also become available.

Features of College Life Game

Here are the features of College Life Game:

Numerous Characters

This university is home to hundreds of distinct characters. Players can encounter a fun, more realistic environment thanks to it. The characters have a cartoonish design. You can talk to and meet a variety of girls. You can dress up your characters in College Life 2020 download with a variety of attractive clothing. You can mix and match them any way you want, from bikinis to vibrant clothing.

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Meet New Friends

Other personalities will come into contact with you throughout the event. They are either teachers, college friends, or neighbors. By tapping them, you can talk to them. Whenever the conversation is seen on the screen, the exchange of words happens rather naturally. In response to someone, you will select a response and make a decision. There are also a lot of brand-new characters. They are all beautiful, attractive gals. The store is where you must, however, unlock them.

Get and Unlock a Beautiful Land

College Life also includes helpful components in addition to simulation-related ones. This implies that your characters can construct buildings. These structures, which could be homes, eateries, theaters, or collegiate structures like pizzerias, bookstores, and fast food restaurants, might be based on the lifestyles of the characters. Of course, there are a lot more structures and embellishments. You can create the universe in this game into the place you've always imagined.

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When you initially begin College Life download, your living space is rather constrained. However, you can explore the world to meet new people as you get more level and finish more objectives. Additionally, Nutaku created and included some quite fascinating scenes and stuff there. Let's investigate them!

Get Entertained with Adult Elements

In this College Life game, look through the coolest hentai cartoon moments. Discover all the stunning women who are eager to reveal their personal images. You can enjoy more than 70 pornographic scenes and at least 12 gorgeous, attractive girls. You must be successful in building a rapport with them to unlock their private photos. Each player also has the objective of using all methods necessary to win over the girls.

Game Graphics

College Life's graphics are fairly good compared to games of the same genre and suited for various gamers. A well-known cartoon graphical style serves as the foundation for the game's details. Additionally, popular anime films served as inspiration for the character illustrations. Players will undoubtedly feel the initial enthusiasm from this.

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A simulation game called College Life online has intriguing topics and material. Throughout the experience, new things and hidden components can be discovered. Installing this game will make your dull time more significant.


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